Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Taking a Break

I love my CGM and wear it 24/7 . . . . . . except when I don’t.  A couple days ago I decided to take a rare CGM break.  I did enjoy having a break from the alarms and the constant bg-info-overload I sometimes feel.  But all in all, I was extremely happy to start a brand new sensor yesterday.  And I was thankful for the alarm alerting me to a low while I was grocery shopping. 


  1. I honestly couldn't imagine taking a CGM break. Last night, after being awaken by several LOW and LOW PREDICTED alerts (I was hovering right around the 85 mg/dl mark)I decided to take a couple glucose tabs and then silence the alerts for a couple of hours while the glucose tabs did its work. I woke up to a 5-hour gap with nothing but a "Lost Sensor" indicator, and I was practically fuming. I mean, I could turn it off myself for awhile if I want, but HOW DARE IT shut itself off!

    (by the way, I woke up to a BG of a perfect one-hundred)

  2. I just noticed the cats on your pump! Nice! So sneaky!

  3. I think breaks are a good thing. Makes me think of Lane Desborough at Medtronic talking about "on-body burden" with everything we have to wear.

  4. I cant wait until Animas has the combined option... Justin will wear it if I ask him too, but you can tell it kinda bugs him- so I don't push.


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