Monday, September 24, 2012

My (knit) Pancreas doesn’t Work . . .

Happy Diabetes Art Day!!! 

It’s unlike me to plan ahead, but I’ve known for a while what my Diabetes Art Day project would be.  I was inspired by those cute little plush pancreases I’ve seen around.  I decided, since my current pancreas isn’t doing a thing, I’d knit myself a new one!!  I decided to base my knit pancreas on this picture, which is even labeled with “head”, “body” and “tail”, so I’d know exactly where to stitch the facial features.  I had plans on using old diabetes supplies to embellish my knit pancreas.

I selected some soft, fuzzy yarn.  I got my knitting needles.  I did some figuring and wrote up the beginnings of a pattern.  And I cast on my pancreas.  I knit and knit and knit.  I knit some more.  I worked hard . . . . and then?  Yuck.  I hated it.  It was way too big and looking kind of odd.  So I frogged.  (Frogged is knit-speak for ripped the whole damn thing out).

I grabbed some graph paper and started to chart out a new pancreas based on that picture I liked.  I cast on again.  I knit some more.  Then I really looked at what I was knitting and at what I had drawn on the graph paper.  I decided it looked less like a pancreas and more like . . . . well . . . .  a very non-family-friendly body part.  That’s right.  Just like my real pancreas, I sadly realized that my knit pancreas was not working.

So for Diabetes Art Day, I present to you, MY PANCREAS FAIL.
But here is the key thing.  The next Diabetes Art Day is just five months away.  So I’ll treat this failed project just like I treat diabetes.  As noted in my art, I will “Adjust and Try Again”.  I will “Persevere”.  And maybe when the Fourth annual Diabetes Art Day rolls around, I’ll have a brand new (knit) pancreas to share!!


  1. Karen,
    You inspired me when I saw your blog talking about today. I decided to work with the cup of used lancets that my husband had accumulated. I think that my idea was not exactly played out well in reality but I tried. I am more impressed with your attempt.

  2. I LOVE that the note says, "UGH!" You are awesome!!

    1. LOL, it's kind of hidden by tubing, but I also wrote "Looks obscene" with a little frowny face. :(

  3. LOVE this! The "Looks obscene!" part was my favorite part! Thanks for a good laugh! I can't wait to see the updated version next Diabetes Art Day. :)

  4. dude, it totally looks obscene and creepy.

    better luck next time but the failed project is synonymous with diabetes and we all get it.

  5. I think it's awesome, completed pancreas cozy or not!

  6. Haha! Karen, this post, and project from a failed project, is awesome. :-)

  7. I think that is great!

  8. My ten year diaversary is the same day as the next D-Art Day in February. You better get to work because you've got two pancreases (pancrei??) to make!!

  9. Do not get disheartened and use the word "fail" to describe your effort in designing the pancreas. I personally feel that it indeed has been a wonderful effort from you! Continue with same the positive spirit and on the next occasion, the pancreas would be exactly the way you want it to be! All the best!


  10. looks obscene :(

    aahah, I LOVE IT ALL! we're all a work in progress!


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