Friday, January 6, 2012

Going Downhill . . . .

** Warning: If you are currently eating or very squeamish, you may want to skip this post. **

I thought it was bad when my d-supplies decided to conspire against me.  Little did I know, it was nothing compared to what my kitchen tools had in store.  Or specifically, one very sharp kitchen knife that was apparently quite upset with me.  It showed its displeasure by slicing clear through my nail and into my finger.

It didn’t hurt because the knife was so sharp, but it bled.  It bled a lot.  I briefly considered testing my blood sugar but realized I’d probably gush way too much blood all over my meter.  So I grabbed a wad of paper towels, held pressure on it, and began to panic.  Then I did what any grown, 43 year old woman would do.  I called my Mommy and Daddy.  (Okay, and tweeted too.)

My Dad used to be an EMT.  As soon as I described what had happened, he hopped in his car and headed over to take me to the Urgent Care Clinic.  Luckily, by the time he arrived, the bleeding had finally begun to slow.  I told him I probably didn’t need to go to the clinic after all.  And he said, “If it was anyone else I’d say no, but because you have diabetes I think you should go.”  Oh how I hated to hear that!  I hate when diabetes makes me “different”.  I hate when diabetes brings extra worry to non-diabetes occurrences.  I hate when diabetes permeates every tiny aspect of my life.

In the end, I talked Dad out of Urgent Care.  He agreed that there really wasn’t anything they would be able to do.  I promised to keep a close eye on the wound and to go to the doctor if I saw the tiniest sign of infection.  So Dad put on a special bandage and told me to call him if I bled through the gauze and he’d take me to the clinic.

A few hours later, my slashed up finger started hurting.  It still hurts - especially when I try to type.  But it is healing up just fine.  This time, diabetes didn’t barge in and make things worse, and for that I’m very thankful.

Has diabetes ever made an injury more complicated for you?  And does that annoy you as much as it annoys me??


  1. D= Thanks for the warning! Looks sore but not horrific :)

    Well, I had a blood test the week before christmas, the mark from that has only just healed up...

  2. Any post that starts with "if you're eating you might want to skip this" is going to be a good post! :) I did feel some chills when I read the details, but it's not that bad. I had an clutzy accident once and as the blood was dripping down my leg I thought, "where's my meter?!" Glad you're good enough to type!

  3. Hi Karen...Yes, diabetes pretty much makes everything hard to heal. I specifically remember getting a stye on my eye right before my senior class picture (circa 1980). I always disliked that picture...Hope your finger heals quickly! Good job with typing your post anyway.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you had to go through this! But in answer to your question, when hasn't diabetes affected every other situation in my life. I wasn't always convinced that I needed to be careful. I had to have an infection start in my toe before I got help, and then decided to check my feet every single day. Hopefully, this cut will heal and go away with no complications. Good luck!

  5. Ow! I've done that too. My advice: don't do that again. ;) The only time that D made things more complicated for me medically was when I had thyroid surgery. That was the first/only time I've had an insulin shot and the nurses bugged me more than normal to check my sugars. I VERY much disliked the looks/comments of pity from them.

  6. Arg! Don't you hate when that happens..

    I was diagnosed as T1 as a 9 year old. The next year at my orthodontist, while removing a retainer, his pick slipped and slashed the inside of my cheek from my back molars to the corner of my mouth!! He completely lost it and didn't charge me FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS.

    We went to my GP the next day and he put me on a 2 week course of antibiotics just to be safe. That sucker kept opening up every time I ate.. ouch!!

    Now I have a scar on the inside of my mouth that bugs me to no end. I hope you don't have any problems with that finger!!

  7. ouch! looks sore. glad its starting to heal. i cut my big toe once, and ended up in hospital with cellulitus. perhaps if i had called my mom and dad they would have forced me to go long before i needed to endure an extended stay (a whole week!!). take care of yourself! and stay away from crazy-ass kitchen utensils!!

  8. Diabetes has never made it difficult to heal for me or made me more susceptible to illness, so I hate to hear that as much as you!


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