Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes . . . .

Ten things I hate about you, Diabetes - Thursday 5/12: Having a positive attitude is important . . . but let’s face it, diabetes isn’t all sunshine and roses (or glitter and unicorns, for that matter). So today let’s vent by listing ten things about diabetes that we hate. Make them funny, make them sarcastic, make them serious, make them anything you want them to be!!

I'm doing my list in reverse order, like David Letterman does.  Although really, diabetes is so darn cruddy, it’s hard to prioritize what I hate most and what I hate least.  The priorities can change on any given day - as can the things I hate!!  But hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

Top 10 Things I Hate About You, Diabetes

10 - I’m low when I need to drive and high when I want to eat
HateDiabetes9 - all of the stuff I need to carry around in case of any d-emergency
8 - the stupid Diabetes Guilt
7 - the “my grandmother had diabetes and this terrible thing happened to her” stories
6 - what works wonderfully one day doesn’t even remotely work the next day
5 - exercise helps blood sugars, but knitting is not considered exercise
4 - did I mention the Diabetes Guilt??
3 - the D-Police
2 - I never get time off for good behavior

and the number one thing I hate about you, Diabetes . . .

1 - vegetables are easy on the blood sugar but ice cream is not

There is plenty to hate about diabetes . . . . .what makes it onto your list?

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  1. I think "never getting time off for good behavior" is one of the big ones...

  2. #5 made me laugh.
    And the no day off - not fair to any of us.

  3. We have to do something about this guilt point. What can we do, Karen? It's a tough nut to crack particularly because of the no-vacation point. Hrmph!

  4. Mmm... ice cream. You know I'm a total fiend for ice cream, right? Not so much for most veggies. Should I feel guilty about that? No, I don't think I will. :^)

  5. LOVED this Karen!!! Great Letterman-esque list. :D

  6. I totally forgot about #10 and #9. (Although #10 is kinda sorta close to my #6.)

    Love these Karen! So true!!

  7. Yes, yes, and yes. Dislike all those things!

  8. Oh, how I hate #6!

    I like your Letterman style. :)

  9. #6 really speaks to me. #2 is so true! After reading other lists I could SO add to mine. sigh

  10. I love your # 1 and yes there is plenty of hate to go around

  11. This one --> "never getting time off for good behavior"

    I must hate it so much that it didn't even cross my mind. Or I'm so used to it even though I hate it?


  12. Totally wish we could switch veggies for ice cream. That would rock!


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