Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just. Keep. Going.

For a while now I’ve been trying to get into a regular exercise routine, eat a better diet, and lose these many many pounds that have crept on over the past few years.  Actually, the pounds have been creeping on over more than a few years, gradually enough that I didn’t even realize how big I had gotten.  It’s almost as if I have fallen asleep and I suddenly wake up trapped in a body I don’t recognize and stuffed into sizes of clothes that used to hang off me.

Last week I had enough.  I found a five-week exercise and eating plan designed to take off two pounds per week.  I threw myself into it and worked really really hard.  By Saturday I was down two whole pounds.  I just needed to maintain that until my Monday morning weigh in.

And then we went to a friend’s party Saturday night.  There were martinis . . . . more martinis than I should have allowed myself.  There was also Mexican food.  I chose a little more wisely than I usually do - but not wisely enough.


Yesterday when I got on the scale for my official weigh in, I found I had only lost 6/10th of a pound last week.  And I felt like a failure.  I was disgusted with myself for not having willpower on Saturday night.  I whined on Twitter . . . a lot.

And then Kelly reminded me of something important.
“Like diabetes, losing weight is about picking yourself up & starting all over again”
The more I thought about it, the more I realized this was true.  Diabetes knocks us down, beats us up and disappoints and disgusts us over and over again.  But we pick ourselves up and start again - because that is the only option we have.  Diabetes isn’t going anywhere, so we learn to deal with the hardships and just keep going.  Why not take that lesson into other tough aspects of our lives?

And that’s just what I did.  Okay, actually I cried a little.  I moped around a lot.  And, in the interest of full disclosure I must admit I ate some potato chips.  But then . . . .  I got back on that treadmill and walked for 45 minutes.  I am determined to just keep going.  This week I will lose 2 pounds.  I will remember that I am already down more than 5 1/2 pounds since the end of February.  And next time I go to a party, I will remember what didn’t work last Saturday and be better able to gauge just how much I can splurge without erasing all of my recent efforts.

Have you found yourself disappointed, disgusted or discouraged with something in your diabetes or non-diabetes life?  Have you fell a little short of your goals?  How did you pick yourself up and just keep going?


  1. YOU ROCK!
    I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for picking yourself up and starting again!
    And you know what? I'm proud of you for losing 6/10ths of a pound after Martinis & mexican food - that's not easy to do!
    You've inspired me to kickstart my ass into weight loss mode!
    Thanks Chickie!!!
    Kelly K

  2. Diet & exercise is always an issue for me. Always.

  3. Word. I know exactly what you're talking about in this post. Last night I weighed 4 pounds more than yesterday morning, for no good reason. I've been trying and trying on the food/movement thing lately, and it's a long, long road. I'm proud of you for recognizing what's happening, for getting back on that treadmill and for sharing your experiences in this post. You *can* do it, and by "do it" I mean make baby behavior changes and learn from what doesn't work. Just do the next thing--don't worry about the next 10 things--just do the next thing you need to do. Thanks for writing this.

  4. Exercise...food...yep...all of it is frustrating for me. You can do it though! Hang in there! Congrats for getting back on the wagon!

  5. I have learned that losing weight is an ongoing thing. Sure I have my goals but if I take it one day at a time and not kill myself with exercise or starve myself dieting I can do it.

    There are ways to lose weight quickly and there are ways to lose weight gradually. Typically the people who lose the weight quickly pack it back on once they reach their goal. If you treat exercise and weight loss the way you treat your diabetes - it's an ongoing lifestyle choice - then the weight will come off gradually and be more likely to stay off.

    Also, don't deprive yourself of anything. Just do it in moderation. Then you never feel like something is taboo and in those weak moments you can't get it out of your head. I think you are learning this lesson by your reaction to the party you went to. Keep learning and keep going. You can do it!

    I have lost 15 lbs in a little over a year. I have kept it off and I am still in the process of replacing my wardrobe. It's exciting which gives me the motivation to keep doing what I need to do to be healthy and drop the next 15 lbs to my goal weight. You can do this!

  6. What did we do in the days when scales only weighed by the full pound?
    When I used to go to Weight Watchers, they'd always say that one pound was equal to four sticks of butter. So....you actualy lost a little more than 2 sticks.
    Things are what they are. But indulgences are important.

  7. I don't know about other Type 1's, but I feel like it's harder for us to get rid of the weight due to our metabolism. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis as well as Type 1 Diabetes and have learned that a loss of even 2 or 3 pounds is a victory for me. At 5'9 177 pounds I could stand to lose about 10 but just CAN.NOT. seem to accomplish it no matter what I do. Restricting calories and carbs seems to be the only success and that has only allowed me to lose 4 pounds. I get tired of being hungry and decide to have more than 1200 calories a day and BAM...those 4 pounds and a few of their friends show right back up on my scale!

    I guess my point is I know exactly how you feel. And I'm glad you wrote this, because now I don't feel like the only one. And maybe we are trying just as hard as (or harder than) others who are "dieting" and are able to lose 10, 15, or 20 pounds, but our bodies just don't cooperate. *shrug*

    Hang in there!

  8. I could have written this post. I'm right there with you. But I will tell you what I would tell myself. 6/10th of a pound down is still moving in the right direction!

    Did you eat chips when you ate Mexican food? If so, maybe you're retaining water from all of the sodium? The water weight may be skewing your weigh-in results. Just a thought...

    As you said, just keep going! :)

  9. But - you're exercising regularly - you feel good and so, you're obviously doing a great job. A half pound is good, great. It's one more half pound that's gone.
    And - it has to get better when and if we have get some real spring weather up here in the northeast.

  10. I'm long on the falling short, and short on the picking myself up. But I'm noodling a plan...and I'm hoping for the best!

    Good luck in your journey Karen! I have no doubt you will find success!

  11. i hear you. totally. pounds creeping on over the years. trying to get in the exercise and make good food choices. all of it.

    i'm there with ya, girl. let's do this! :)

  12. A loss is a loss! Embrace it. You are doing great. Losing weight is not fun or easy so take it easy on yourself.

    I'm trying to shed a few lbs myself and sometimes I succumb to the secret stash of ice cream in the freezer! BUT . . . then I just start again the next day!!

    Good luck with your weight loss adventure!


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