Monday, March 7, 2011

The One with The List

On Saturday, a bunch of us headed for a night out at the casino.  We love the casino - it has great food, the martini bar, entertainment (in the form of slot machines) and there is always free music in The Wolf Den.  As it turned out, the performer on Saturday was David Cassidy.  We stopped to watch and listen for a few minutes . . . . and I’ll admit to a bit of dancing and a few shrieks when he broke into “I Think I Love You”.  After all, when I was growing up in the ‘70’s Keith Partridge was pretty groovy.

This prompted my friend to ask me if David Cassidy was on “the list”.  You know what “the list” is, right?
The thing is, I've never given much thought to "the list" - although I suppose Daniel Craig and John Zimmerman would hold prominent spots.  (And yes, I actually HAVE met John Zimmerman.  But no, I did not sleep with him . . . )

While I may not have “the list”, I realize I do have “the D-bolus List”.  You know, a list of bolus worthy foods that I'll go ahead and indulge in no matter what my blood sugars have been doing.  What’s on "the D-bolus List"??  (These are in random order, of course . . . )
  1. Cheesecake
  2. Cupcakes from Crumbs
  3. Really good Mexican food
  4. Lobster Ravioli
  5. Italian Pastries
And yes, you might as well laminate my list - a la “Ross” - because I’m not likely to bump any of those in the future.  Do you have a “list” of either type??  Who or what made it onto yours?


  1. No list for me, but my wife and I joke about our one "free pass." (Joking only!! I'd be so dead...)

    As for food, your list sounds really good. Might I suggest high quality French chocolates?

  2. Darn you Karen...>CRUMBS just came to I have to!!! Hee hee IM thrilled secretly
    What is your favorite cupcake of theirs? Where do I start in other words???

  3. OMGoodness...laughing at the Friends episode!

    Leo Dicaprio
    Brad Pitt
    Markie Mark
    Viggo Mortenson, I cannot believe I am a almost 40 year old lady typing out my list! LOL. Love ya girl.

  4. guilty pleasure. what sinful pleasure LOL

  5. worth the mildly high bg:
    -rasberry cheese danish

    what am i going to indulge in when the artifical pancreas comes out?
    -ihop short stack with lots of fruity toppings- not sugar free
    -mashed potatoes
    -deep dish pizza
    -breakfast cereal


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