Monday, January 24, 2011

The same but different . . . .

After Thursday’s post-exercise blood sugar disaster I was very nervous about doing another work-out.  Since I had spent many hours with moderate ketones I knew I should skip a work-out on Friday, and frankly I was relieved about that.  But after breakfast on Saturday morning, I decided it was time to squash my fears and give the same routine another go.


So I did the exact same workout I devised with my Wii.  One song on Just Dance 2 as a warm-up.  A ten minute Island Run on Wii Fit Plus.  And a session with my personal trainer on EA Sports Active.  I’ll admit I started to panic when I heard my CGM Rise Rate alarm go off during the Island Run.  I debated stopping, testing and perhaps bolusing, but decided to just finish the routine and see what happened.  Sure enough, when I was three exercises away from the end of the work-out, my CGM Fall Rate alarm sounded.  I again decided to finish up and then test my blood sugar and see where I was.

My post-exercise finger-stick showed a 132, and my CGM was reading 124 and falling.  Now THOSE are closer to the results I’m used to seeing after exercise!!  Actually, even those are a little bit on the high side for post-exercise numbers, but I wasn’t worried about it.  I was just glad that I didn’t see the same huge spike as Thursday.  I was overjoyed that, although my routine was the same, the results I saw were very very different!!


  1. I hate the times when I've exercised just to see high numbers. When I'm expecting a 90, a 250 kind of makes me angry. I'm glad you were able to do the same workout and get better numbers!

  2. Okay

    Im following you over here b/c I miss you on the knit blog. HOw is KC? Did she get a workout in too??
    I need an image.

  3. I've been spying those wii workout games and wondering if they are worth the money. Your workout sound kinda fun...I want in! I think I'm going to check them out again when I'm over at Target!

    PS Glad the numbers worked out!

  4. Wow. Your commitment to keep on exercising and stay active is truly admirable. I know a lot of people who will use what happened as an excuse not to exercise. But you, you didn't let it stop you. That's really wonderful!

    I just hope there are more people like you. People who don't make excuses to live healthily.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

  5. Glad you got back into it and good results this time around!!!!

  6. Sounds like fun and it is always nice to get what you "expect" instead of the opposite Karen!!!

    The wii games/workouts sound like fun. I have been taking a bit of a workout break for two weeks...letting myself "go" a bit and then I am gonna crank back up my pace...maybe register for another 1/2 marathon.

    Keep up the great work on your exercise!

  7. I've been doing Wii active and Caleb just got just dance 2 for his bday. Holy cow those dances make me sore! We just finished doing about 6 songs together- me and the three kids. So much fun.

    But enough about me, nice numbers Karen!

  8. You're not alone with the crazy out of whack blood sugars.... I just stumbled upon your blog today, but last Wednesday, the SAME thing happened to me. I've been T1 for almost 4 years now and my BS was like 91 I think, I ate a salad (good one with light homemade dressing), a fruit and ONE slice of bread, one that was only 7g (with like 4g fiber) and after 3 hours i started feeling like crap and I knew i didn't eat enough carbs for my insulin anyway but i wasn't hungry. Then i shot up way higher than 300s, which i have never been since the first few days i was diagnosed. FOR NO REASON. Then after too much insulin, stairs, jump ropes you name it, it finally went down. Glad I wasn't alone, but just another reason to <3 T1 i guess... (Sorry for the long comment :) )


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