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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Pumpiversary to Me!!

Two years ago today, despite being quite nervous about the whole "attached to my body 24/7" thing, I took the plunge and began pumping.  I even documented the whole thing for my knitting blog as part of Type 1 Awareness Day.

Turns out, going on the pump was the best thing I ever did!! I still think that it isn't necessarily the best option for everyone - but it's been great for me.  Before I pumped, my A1C was stuck in the 7's (aside from a random 6.4 right after I quit my job, but three months later I was back at 7.1).  One month after I started pumping, my A1C dropped to 6.7.  And in the two years since then, I've been no higher than 6.3.

Honestly, I was extremely freaked out about where I would wear the pump and scared that I'd hate being attached to it.  But most of the time, I barely even know it's there.  I stash it in a pocket, clip it to my waist-band, or sew up a little pouch to tuck it into.  It's rarely in the way.

So, Happy Pumpiversary?  You bet!! I polled FaceBook and Twitter this morning for the proper ways to celebrate.

As Kelly suggested, I may just have to fire up the dual-wave bolus feature and celebrate with one of each!!


  1. So exciting! Congratulations - can't wait till I've hit my first!

  2. I'm glad that the pump has helped you so much! I say celebrate with each too!! Yum!

  3. Congrats!
    Now rev up the dual - wave bolus feature and go to town on a cupcake/sunday express!
    Kelly K

  4. oh my gosh, Karen...your little pump "cozy" is adorable!! happy day!!

  5. Chocolate. Lots and lots of it. Happy happy!

  6. Happy pumpiversary! Because I found people like you who wrote "all about it," I was not too worried about pumping.
    So haapy day to you and thanks!

  7. Definitely a day to celebrate! Congratulations!


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