This list is in chronological order of when participants joined.  Find out more about what Diabetes Blog Week was here.

Karen of Bitter-Sweet
Holly of * Arnold and Me *
Sam of Talking Blood Glucose
Colleen of My Sweet Life
Bernard of Diabetes Technology Blog
Sarah Jane of Sarahndipity
Jeff of Jeff Mather's Dispatches
Allison of Lemonade Life
Adriana of Living Life with Diabetes
Shannon of LADA-dee-da
Jacquie of Typical Type 1
Cara of Every Day Every Hour Every Minute
Heidi of The D-Log Cabin
Stacey of ACT1 Diabetes
Lauren of lauren nygard photography
Kerri of Six Until Me
Saucy of You Can Call Me Saucy
Melissa of Type 1 @18
sisiay of Don't Fear Diabetes
Nici of A sweet journey to motherhood
Siobhan of click of the light
Olivejooice of olivejooice
Sarah of my 'betes (and other ramblings)
Colleen of meanderings
Layne of Semi Charmed Life
Kelly K of Diabetesaliciousness
Philippa of Kaitake
The team at DiabeticDuo
Virtue at Natural Born Cyborg
Cherise at Diabetic_Iz_Me
Bob Pedersen at T Minus Two
Harry of 25 Units To Go
Cynthia of Life with type 1 diabetes and more . . .
Lee Ann of The Butter Compartment
Leighann of D-Mom Blog
Lorraine of This is Caleb...
Krish of Diabetic Life South Africa
Barb of Diabetes Advocacy
Lois Lane of Outnumbered 3 to 1
Amy of Mom's Musings on Life with Type 1 Diabetes
Chris at Type 1 Tidbits
Scott of Arden's Day
Mike of My Diabetic Heart
Sherry of Jenna's Pet Monkey
Auntly H of Beyond Your Peripheral Vision
Ashley Rose of Tales of SWAGing
Naomi of Sugar Free Me
Kathy of my new islets
Chris of The Life of a Diabetic
Michael of The Diabetic's Corner Booth
Rachel of Rachel's Diabetes Tales
Crystal of Randomly capitalizeD
David & Elizabeth of David & Elizabeth Edelman
Becky of The Tales Of Princess Mikkimoto
Sara of Sara Knicks
Seonaid of Making the choice . . .
Scott of Strangely Diabetic
George of Ninjabetic - The B.A.D. Blog
Pearlsa of A girl and her reflections on life
Nan of my pump gear
Sarah of Sugarbetic
Wendy of Candy Hearts
Penny of A Sweet Grace
Heather of Sweet to the Soul
Laura of The Houston Five
Crystall of Super Sweet E
Scott S of Scott's Web Log
Jen of I Am Your Pancreas
Lani of Highs, Lows and In Between
Donna of The Life & Times of a Mom of Twins
Elizabeth of *Pieces of My Life*
Missy of Missy's TuDiabetes Blog
Tristan of The Piquant Storyteller
Lora of My Diabetic Child
Tammy of What A Day
Meri of Our Diabetic Life
Emilie of 25 and Counting
Mrs. Harer of Mrs. Harer's Hollow
Niko of The Diabetic Man
Rebeca of Life of a Mom with Type 1 Diabetes
Joanne of Death of a Pancreas
Ninnifur of Ninnifur
Leo of Diabetes Almighty
Molly of Dam Diabetes
Saffy of Motherhood, with a side of sugar
Karen of Dandelions, Daisies, and Diabetes
Tracy of The Ripley Mommy
Lyra (Lyra, your profile is set as private, please contact me with your blog address so I can link it!)
Yvette of My Sweet Girl
Adrienne of 2 Green Eyed Girls
Hallie of BitterSweet
Scott K. Johnson of Scott's Diabetes Journal
Jules of muffinmoon
Shannon of neurotic city
Michelle of Semi-organized Chaos
Jillavieve of Delicious Ambiguity
Gina of Gina Capone - your diabetes bff!
Amy of Tiny Blessings
Ginger of Ginger Vieira's SharePosts
Amy of Embrace Diabetes
Kathleen of Living with Diabetes and Lapband
FatCatAnna of Anna's Blog
Zita of Shaken Stirred & Standing
Katie of 1LittlePrick
Ophir of The Conscious Diabetic
Amy T of Diabetes Mine
Gary of Running With T1
Kelly of Trials & Tribulations of Being a Type 1 Diabetic
Hannah of Dorkabetic
Courtney of Ride to Remedy
Stacey of Stacey's Blog
Jerry of The Incurable Runner
Monas of Monastory
Brigdon of The Sugar Substitute
Melissa of meewah*betic
Ronda of Autoimmune Island
Alyssa of Mommy To Be '09
Various members of dLife Blogabetes
Jillian of Diabetor & Me
Chasiti of Forget the chicken nuggets..You can't play on the playground until you eat all your fries!
CindyRoerig of Eaten Alive
Bee of BeeMusings
Nicole of The Ride of our Lives with Type1 Diabetes
Kelly of Naturally Sweet
Shannon of The New Normal Life
Kelly of Chasing Numbers
htimm=) of A Work in Progress...
Katie of Katie's Health Journey
Danielle of Where Candy is Medicine
Becca of Singlewhitediabetic's Blog
{нσт cσcσα} of Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink
Landileigh of The Diabetes Resource
Sandra of Adult Stem Cells - Diabetes type1
Jamie of Jamie's Blog
Kyla of After…Because there was once a before
GME at How Sweet the Sting
Riva of Diabetes Stories
Megan of Living with Type 1
Laura of My Favourite Number
Marc of Jonathan's Journey
Christine of One Sweet Day