Monday, July 10, 2017

Running On Autopilot.......

“autopilot”Usually when I can do something on autopilot it’s a good thing.  It means it has become a part of my routine and I can quickly get the chore done without investing too much brainpower.

But sometimes?  Sometimes running on autopilot doesn’t work so well.  Like this morning when I did my site change.  I estimate that I’ve done well over 1,200 site changes in my years of pumping, so I most certainly run on autopilot when I do them.  Remove the old site.  Rewind the pump.  Disinfect both my skin and the insulin bottle.  Fill the new reservoir.  Tap out the bubbles.  Connect the tubing.  Prime and confirm that I see drops of insulin at the end of the needle.  Remove needle guard.  Insert site.

Oops!!  That’s right, I missed a step.  PEEL BACKING OFF OF ADHESIVE!!!  My fresh new site immediately fell out because I didn’t expose the “glue” that keeps it stuck to me for the next three days.

Just because I’ve done something more than 1,200 times doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to pay closer attention during the next 1,200 times.  Because autopilot apparently doesn’t always work out so well…..


  1. Hey if that is the only time you have fouled this up, you are miles ahead of me. My last major foul occurred when I stuck the needle in my hand. Ouch you ask? No this was way more than ouch.

  2. Ha! It happens to the best of us. I have pregnancy brain right now and put my site in without priming the tubing the other day and I've been pumping 17 years. I laughed when I realized what I had done.

  3. Been there!! I also have not only NOT peeled back the adhesive paper but I also forgot to take off the plastic covering on the needle. Guess we all need to pay a little more attention at times. Thanks for sharing your mistake cuz when I made my mistake, I was so embarrassed!!! I've never told anyone for fear of looking like an idiot!! After four years of putting this thing in every 3 days, one would think I wouldn't make such a silly error. LOL!!!!

    Karen, is there any chance you and Pete are available this coming September 9th, 2017???? Dr Stephen Ponder & his coauthor, Kevin McMahon, the master minds behind Sugar Surfing are presenting a workshop of their Sugar Surfing techniques in my hometown of Braintree Ma. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for you and Pete to come!!! We could even grab a bite to eat before you head back to Connecticut if you'd like.

    Let me know what you think. HUGS!!!

    1. Oh yes, that's a Saturday, so that might be a possibility. I'll let you know as we get closer to the date!!


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