Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#LaceUp4Diabetes . . . .

Humor me for a minute as we flash back to my college years.  (Disclosure:  This time period may involve any and all of the following: big hair, day-glo colors, large geometric prints, piles and piles of black rubber bracelets, and guy-liner long before it was known as such.)  A young version of me is late for class and frantically tying my Keds when a lace snaps.  In a hurry, I pull out both laces, throw them away and rush off the class.  And I decide I like these new slip-on Keds I’ve created.  And since then, each time I buy a new pair of Keds, the first thing I do is take out the laces.  I used to throw them away, but now they get hung on a hook to be used as K.C.’s cat toy of choice  (She loves a good string to swat at and it keeps her away from my yarn.)

So why are we strolling down memory lane (in our lace-less Keds)?  Because I now have a reason to put laces back in my sneakers, thanks to Novo Nordisk’s #LaceUp4Diabetes campaign and these lovely blue circle laces.


When these laces started popping up around the DOC a few years ago, I longed for a pair.  And last year I was fortunate to score them from Scott Benner.  And this year, I’m thrilled that Novo Nordisk has sent me the 6 pairs you see above to give away!

Why is this important to me?  Well, because exercise motivation is probably the portion of diabetes management I struggle with the most.  But when I actually do exercise, it’s so easy to see the benefits to my blood sugar,  my mood and my energy level.  And seeing the blue circle laces helps with motivation.  They remind me of those health benefits, but more importantly they remind me of all my friends in the DOC who have a regular exercise regime that I admire.  And although we aren’t actually exercising together, we kind of are in a virtual way.  And that helps get me moving.

So, would you like a pair of these laces to help get you moving too?  Simply leave me a comment and I’ll enter you into a random drawing.  I’ve also been taking entries from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so I’ll gather them all together and pick six winners on Friday.  Good luck!


  1. I've seen these around the DOC and I totally want these... they match my shoes! Actually, if I win these they are going in my soccer cleats.

  2. I've sent the word to Novo Nordisk that I would like some of these laces, but don't know if it will pan out. Therefore I would love a pair!

  3. Lovely laces! I am on week 6 of a "couch to 5k" program so I'd put them on my Nike's.

  4. pam.stancil@hotmail.comNovember 17, 2015 at 8:39 PM

    may I please have a pair

  5. Cool! How have I not seen these before?! Love them!

  6. I would like to win a pair. I'd use them to hold my house key around my neck and keep it safe while I walk. I normally just tuck the key in my bra (TMI?), but this would be so much better! And inspiring me to keep moving. I've been able to tell such a difference in my blood sugars and how I feel since I started walking. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I'd love a pair! I have an extremely hard time staying motivated to exercise...

  8. I'm a Type 1 runner and would love to see these on my running shoes!


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