Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Green Lancet . . . .

Over the weekend it was finally warm enough to go for a run outside.  Pete and I decided to start training all over again since it had been a really long time since we’d done any running at all.  In fact, I hadn’t run since that terrible 5K knocked away any confidence.  I think I will, in time, do another 5K.  But I have no immediate plan for when that might be.  I’ve decided that for now we can run just to run.  No pressure on distance or speed or being able to do 3 miles without stopping.  A goal can be a great thing to work toward, but sometimes NOT having a goal nagging at me works better because I don’t feel like I’m failing over and over.

Anyway, there we were, huffing and puffing our way through that first training run along our neighborhood route.  As we began a walk segment, Pete said “Hey, did you see that lancet back there?  It was green.  Not the kind you use.”  So, of course, we backtracked and there it was!  (And by the way, major points to the hubby for remembering what kind of lancet I use!)

I don’t know why finding diabetes trash (that isn’t mine) always gives me a little thrill.  I guess it’s because I love finding other people with diabetes.  When I see misplaced d-trash, I wonder who left it behind.  Did I miss them by just a few minutes or by a few days?  Did the lancet fall out of their case during an impromptu blood sugar check because walking made them low?  Did they remember to stash some glucose tablets in their pocket before heading out?  And will our paths ever cross in the future?

One small green lancet can bring up so many questions and emotions . . .


  1. Love this. Under the same circumstances, I ask the same questions. Good luck with the running!

  2. I am so happy you are giving running another shot. I know I find it difficult at times too. I do run across supplies but occasionally. The weird part is that another type 1 works two cubicles over from me but we have never really discussed our diabetes until recently.

  3. I'd do the exact same thing (the spotting D-stuff and getting excited; not the exercise - props to you for this). And then I'd be on the hunt for this Mystery Neighborhood D-Peep. Good eye, Pete!

  4. Oh my gosh. We recently saw a blue One Touch strip, the kind we used in Year 1, on the street around the corner from our house. We are STILL wondering: was it OURS from years ago, or does one of these unknown neighbors...

  5. The lancet in the photo appeared to be un-used. It's a good thing that you found it. Bad case senario would be that a child plays with it or an animal eats it.


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