Friday, February 6, 2015

Bitter-Sweet Chips . . . .

Here in New England it’s way to cold to venture out today.  So instead, I’m venturing out virtually to hop around the web.  Join me?
  • Spare A Rose is in full swing again this year.  If you buy your Valentine just one less rose and donate that cost, you can provide ONE MONTH of insulin to a child and save their life.  Hard to argue with something as simple as that, right?  Please make your donation now and help spread the word about #SpareARose.  Flowers die, children shouldn’t.SpareARoseDOTorg
  • Sara is celebrating her diaversary by matching Spare A Rose donations.  And that is pretty darn awesome.  You’re going to donate to Spare A Rose anyway, right?  So let Sara know and she will match your $10 donation.  (Of course, you can donate more than $10, which I did, but just let her know you donated at least $10 for her to match.)
  • As I mentioned above, the mild winter we started with here in New England has more than made up for itself.  An extended forecast showing nothing but snow and below freezing temperatures does nothing to pull me out my current spell of depression.  And no, I don’t want to build a snowman, thank you very much.
  • Three more of my posts have gone live over at the ReliOn blog.  This time I’m weighing in on finding the right doctor for you, dealing with foods that cause blood sugar problems, and finding support (which is, of course, a topic near and dear to me!). ** My disclosures can be found here. **
  • You probably know today is Blue Friday, right?  But did you also know today is also National Wear Red Day? This year I’m wearing red in honor of my friend Leigh, who shares some of her story here.  We’re very thankful to still have her here with us.
Okay, it’s time to crawl back under my blankie.  And maybe brew another pot of coffee.  Stay warm!

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