Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What’s That Wednesday - Meters #WalkWithD

I have identical meters - a purse meter and a home meter.  My home meter is older and also gets a lot more use.  (Apparently I don’t get out much.)   Lately I’ve been  nervous that it might be time to replace it.  So I decided to do a side-by-side test with both meters.  I used the same drop of blood and strips from the same vial.  And I held me breath to see how closely the two tests would line up.


Yeah baby!!!  This really put my mind at ease.  And it was a perfect slice of diabetes life for me to share as part of the Walk With D campaign.  Have you shared some moments of your #WalkWithD yet?


  1. Those meters really are awesome. But here's a question for you-- particularly regarding your older one. Do you find you need to really push the strip in to get it to turn on? Sometimes, I put the strip in to the point where I think it should go on, but it turns out I just didn't push it hard or far enough....

    1. Yes Scott, I totally do!! It's the main reason I was afraid it wasn't working correctly anymore. Also it seems to be losing its charge quicker.


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