Friday, January 11, 2013

Freak Outs . . . .

Yesterday on Facebook Kerri shared a cute blog post she had come across - 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out.  It’s really funny, and you should probably go read it or you won’t really get the rest of my post.

So anyway, as often is the case, my demented brain worked out a way to bring this around to diabetes.  And I give you . . . . . .

FreakOut46 D-Reasons I Might be Freaking Out like a Three Year Old

No AAA batteries.

Huge plates of French fries.

My husband drank the last of the juice.

My insurance company . . . . anything about them at all.

Mexican food.

I’m really really thirsty.

Low reservoir.

My toes are cold.


“Can you eat that?”

Endo appointment tomorrow.

“My Grandmother had diabetes and went blind!”


Chinese food.

“My father’s uncle had diabetes and they had to cut off his foot!”

26 mg/dL.

348 mg/dL.

Beep Boop BEEP.

I took my Lantus this morning . . . . . didn’t I????

Dessert buffet.

Bent cannula.

“My sister’s friend’s cousin had diabetes, but he lost weigh and it went away. Why don’t you do that?”

Dropped my bottle of insulin on a marble floor.

Dropped SOMEONE ELSE’S bottle of insulin on a marble floor.

Low alarm at the gym.

High alarm at the Italian restaurant . . . . before we even got seated.

Shopping at Target.

Non-delivery error.

Button error.

Motor error.

Husband thinks the reason I’m mad at him must be because I’m low.

Two up arrows.

Two down arrows.

Pricked, but can’t squeeze out any damn blood.

Pricked one spot, but bled from three.

Seven rage boluses finally kick in . . . . . all at once.



Error 5.

Blood spot on my new white shirt.

“Type 1 . . . . . is that the BAD kind?”

Halle Berry.

The diet Coke the waitress brought doesn’t taste like diet.

“220?  What did you eat??”

Snake oil cures.

It’s Wednesday evening and TWITTER IS DOWN!!!  #dsma


  1. Shopping at Target = the miracle (temporary) cure.

    I love this list!

  2. Absolutely, positively brilliant Karen! xo

  3. Halle Berry.

    I just love this list.

    1. To be honest, my husband suggested the Halle Berry one. The other 45 were all mine though! LOL

    2. She has frustrated me so much, too! I don't understand her... but I guess I don't really know what her deal is.

      Anyway... shopping at Target is SO TRUE. Low in an instant.

  4. I can totally relate... to ALL of these! Well done!

  5. Great list Karen... I can definitely relate to the spouse assuming I'm low when I'm just mad. And then I get madder when I check just to placate her, and I really AM low. And she just laughs. Thanks

  6. Love this post!! Dare I say one of my favorites....:)

  7. "can you eat that?" might be my biggest pet peeve of all time. my favorite was the lady i used to work with who would say this, then she'd go outside & chain smoke on her breaks *sigh*

  8. Now who in the world would drop someone else's insulin on the ground... oh wait...


  9. Brilliant! The one about the spouse thinking you're angry cos you're low? That just makes me MEGA angry when my husband does that... Of course he's usually right :P


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