Thursday, December 6, 2012

Way Too Organized . . . . .

Being organized is a great thing, but I often think there can be such a thing as being too organized - and I’m pretty sure that describes me.  I tend to drive myself (AND OTHERS) crazy by being so regimented and needing things to be “just so”.  At a Halloween dinner we hosted this year my friends teased me to no end when I got up in the middle of dinner because I needed to adjust a knick-knack in my bookcase  by 1/2 an inch.  I’ve often been compared to both Monica on Friends and Monk.  (I could totally see me neatening up the doctor's office!!)  And maybe I scrub my soap dish on a regular basis.  Yeah, well, whatever . . .

TheLoopBeing organized within an inch of my life helps a lot when it comes to diabetes though.  And that’s the topic of my latest post over at The Loop, Diabetes Organization for the Organized.

Do you tend to be organized, or do you just wing it?  Any tips to share?

** My Medtronic disclosure can be found here. **


  1. I'm definitely organized when I begin something. But less organized as I get more comfortable with it. My spouse would say this applies to how organized I am with her too. Good thing she's organized enough for both of us.

  2. I am super organized too! So funny... my fiance uses me as a walking calendar (and source of information) too! I can remember where random papers are. (He texts asking where a bill from two months ago was and I say.. "On the file cabinet, under the 2 folders, between the ___ bill and ___ form"). Someone will ask him a question and when he replies "I don't know." I'll blurt out the answer and he just looks at me in disbelief - "How do you remember these things?! and Why!?"
    I find it very useful actually. Except when there's the one or two things I don't remember, I never hear the end of it! Haha

  3. I need someone like you around to keep ME better organized. I am not as bad as most, but I definitely could be better. It's always been a struggle of mine. I like to think of it is as organized chaos. And I imagine it's only going to get worse once these twins get here. LOL

  4. When things are new, I like to keep them that way, so I tend to be organized in that respect. But I really need to find the motivation to take things that are a mess and organize them. I may need to take some lessons from you, Karen!


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