Friday, October 29, 2010

What is that???

Yesterday I happened to look down at my thigh and I noticed this . . .

Instead of tucking my tubing into my waist band like I usually do, I had left it snaking down the leg of my pants.  And when I sat a certain way, it was quite noticeable.  It looked almost like a bow hidden beneath my jeans.  It made me laugh.

And then I wondered what someone who doesn’t know anything about tubing and insulin pumps and diabetes would think if they saw my leg.  What exactly would they think I stashed in the leg of my pants?  And I didn’t feel embarrassed or self-conscious in the least.  Oh no, instead I laughed even harder at the absurdity of it all.  Because after all, life with diabetes isn’t all bad.


  1. I sport that look more often than I like to admit. What came to mind when I read your wondering about what others might think make me think: Halloween costume inspiration! or "Oh, that's my tapeworm"
    Totally makes me laugh. Which is hard in a week where bigD is kicking my a$$ and making things like quick work trips and prepping for a relaxing yoga retreat tough.

  2. Tubing Rorschatz test! To me, it totally looks like a skinny mouse/rat - Danger Mouse, maybe?

  3. Wow. Those are some crazy varicose veins you are sporting there. ;-)

  4. Those are some fancy veins you have there! LOL

  5. Kinda looks like scissors to case you were going to sit and knit while you had a moment :)


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