Friday, February 12, 2010

Will you be my Meowentine?

I'm cute and cuddly.

I'll keep you warm at night.  (By sleeping right on top of you - your arm may fall asleep under me, but that's a small price to pay for warmth.)

I'll make sure you get up on time in the morning.  (By laying down on top of your windpipe - trust me, that will wake you up good!)

I'll help you keep those blood sugars in check with plenty of exercise.  (Because I'll quickly shove all of my toys way far under the furniture.  You can burn tons of calories moving the couch and get plenty of stretching reaching under the entertainment center!)

I'm all about saving the environment by recycling and re-purposing.   (That's right, pine pellet cat litter also makes a great toy.  I'll toss as many pellets as I can out of my litter box and batt them all around the house!)

I'll make sure you are properly nourished.  (I ALWAYS know when it is meal-time . . . and I make sure you know it too!)
But most of all, I'll let you know you are loved with my purrs and nuzzles and make your heart sing at the sight of my sweet little face.  And you don't even have to bolus for all my sugar.

What more could you ask for in a Meowentine??


  1. Too cute! I personally love the re-purposing thing. There's nothing like crunching through cat litter first thing in the morning (aaah)...


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