Monday, August 4, 2008

Second nature

I've been on my pump for almost four months now.  It took me years to come around to the idea of even trying the pump.  I was "happy" with MDIs, because I had been doing them for so long. They were what I knew, and what I was comfortable with.  But I wasn't happy with my control.  My A1C's hovered in the high 6's and low 7's.  I'd only achieved a 6.4 once, and it didn't last.

I began reading about pumping on diabetes blogs and talked to other pumpers on a knitting site that has a great forum section.  And I spotted a pump on one of the instructors at the ballroom studio where Pea and I take lessons.  I decided I could do it too.

It was scary.  My first insertion set changes were done with every instruction guide I had spread out in front of me.  And it took forever.

Today I did a set change.  The instructions now stay somewhere in my Diabetes Drawer.  And the whole process takes only a couple of minutes.  It's all second nature.  That great, right?  Right.

But for some reason, it's making me really sad.  Not sad that I'm on the pump - I couldn't be happier with it and it's the best decision I've ever made (diabetes-wise).  But a bit sad that another diabetes-related thing has become second nature.  Sad that there STILL is no cure.


  1. Remember that it's stories like yours that encourage others to try something new to help themselves with this stupid disease.
    Thanks for your note today - made me laugh and even better, made me feel a little less dumb.

  2. Okay, you posted a comment on my blog, and before this, I don't think I'd been to your site. :) So, I'm glad you found me. I think we might be long lost twins what with the knitting, we are both Geminis and the fact that you have my favorite chocolates of all time on your header. :)
    And I was also a resistant pumper. I was a diabetic for 21 years before attempting to pump.


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