Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Over-Planning . . . .

Pete sometimes teases me about how far in advance I plan things.  For example, by Sunday evening I not only know what we’re having for dinner all week but I also know exactly what I need to pick up at the grocery store.  Spontaneity and winging it are not exactly my strong suit.

planningI can’t help but wonder how much of my tendency to over-plan can be attributed to having diabetes.  I’m leaving on a short trip tomorrow, and I found myself strategically planning my sensor insertion so the lifespan of my CGM would last until I got back home.  That way I can feel safer, especially while sleeping alone, but I also won’t have to lug any more supplies than necessary.

But my advanced planning runs so much deeper than being well prepared for travel.  In day to day life, even a mundane thing like feeling hungry requires a bunch of planning.  What is my blood sugar, how many carbs will I consume, what is my insulin to carb ratio at this time of day, what activity have I done recently, what activity do I plan to do in the next few hours, how early should I pre-bolus in order to match my insulin to my carb absorption, and when should I start prepping my food so it will be ready when my bolus kicks in.

Yeah, it’s no wonder I feel a need to have things well planned.  But hey, there are worse character flaws to have.  Right?


  1. Planning early means you have more time to actually enjoy yourself once you reach your destination (I hope).

  2. Hmmmm, no wonder I love you so much. Your post pretty much described me! Over-planners are awesome and we make the world go 'round. At least in my brain we do!


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