Friday, January 31, 2014

Diabetic Dabs Winners . . . .

I had so much fun reading the comments of how you all deal with those droplets of blood.  Lots of lickers out there, and lots of wiping on clothes / meter cases / the same tissue over and over again.  Hey, no judgments here - the important thing is that we are testing, so however we deal with the left over blood up to us.

Of course, the reason you are really here is to find out who won a chance to try Diabetic Dabs as a solution to those little droplets everywhere.  So, as chosen by the Random Number Generator I always use for giveaways, the winners are . . . .

Rachel of ProbablyRachel

Congratulations, ladies, I will email you both to get your info so I can send your Dabs.  Thanks to all who entered and to Diabetic Dabs for making this contest possible.

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