Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shopping my Yard . . . .

I’m a haphazard gardener.  Pete says I love the planting and I love the harvesting but I hate the tending.  He isn’t wrong.  But as he started tending my neglected garden, he found the garden upkeep to be soothing so I guess we make a good team.  (#thanksPete)

This morning I harvested, and the harvest was really good.  Especially considering the fact that this year we planted a last minute garden that we haphazardly tossed in during our spring plant shopping.

A bunch of cherry tomatoes.  Some kind of peppers - I wish I could remember what they are but I just randomly picked up a plant that looked interesting and have now forgotten the variety.  And an eggplant.  This is our first year growing eggplant and I’m thrilled!!!  That is the second one we've picked, and there is a third little one on the plant that I hope to harvest in the near future.  (If a squirrel gets it, I'll be really really mad!!)

A bunch of larger tomatoes that will become tonight’s dinner, along with a ton of basil and parsley from my herb garden.

Healthy eating doesn’t come so easily for me.  I grew up hating vegetables.  My taste buds really like junk food.  And carbs.  But I like planting and harvesting and I get excited to cook and eat (or just wash and snack on) the produce I’ve shopped from my yard.  And we’re currently working with a designer to put a nice patio and fence in our sad little backyard, and next spring we hope to have a bigger and better and well thought out garden bed. 

Small steps to less processed, healthier, lower carb foods in our diet - that are about as local as they can get!