Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hard to Resist . . . . .

When you awake around 2 a.m., nightshirt and sheets drenched in sweat, pump suspended, and a blood sugar of 47, resisting what is downstairs in the refrigerator is pretty impossible.  Especially when it’s these.


These are Cookie Dough Truffles I made yesterday for a Christmas party on Saturday and I could think of nothing else when that low woke me.  Although I am proud I only ate two . . . . .  instead of two dozen.  Of course, I also polished off the last of our crackers with some cheese, but you can’t win them all.  And yes, I rebounded, but I managed to wake up with a fasting sugar of 123.  Not too shabby, I guess.

What do you find hard to resist when you are low?


  1. Well I have to say that I'm proud of you for only eating two, I know I'd have a really hard time with that. A fasting of 123 is fantastic!

  2. Sorry you had to deal with a middle-of-the-night low. But at least you had something really good to treat with!

  3. Those truffles do not look yummy! Oh boy, they look absolutely fabulous. I want one.
    Sorry out your night-time low.

  4. Karen,
    I can relate! Those middle of the night lows are the hardest to manage (and by manage, I mean not overtreat/overeat). I stick with orange juice and nuts and go back to bed before I start into everything that's not nailed down.

  5. I made cranberry-pecan-white chocolate bark to give away at Christmas - that's my impossible-to-resist low snack right now. Problem is, it doesn't work very the temptation is to eat more to get through it. I'm giving it away as fast as I can so that the temptation is gone!


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