Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recycling my Pancreas

Last year I tried to knit a new pancreas for Diabetes Art Day.  It didn’t work out so well.

Last month I scored a great deal on a winter coat from the Target clearance rack.  It was only $18, but it was quite open at the neck . . . . which isn’t so great during cold New England winters.  I knew I needed to knit a cowl to help keep me warm, and since the coat was pretty bright I’d need just the right shade of yarn to coordinate with it.  Enter my failed pancreas.  (The yarn one, not the real one.)  I unraveled and rewound my pancreas and cast on for my cowl.  (There’s an odd sentence for you.)  A few days later I was all set.


Of course, Miss. K.C. promptly photo-bombed me and then decided the new coat was really a new bed for her.

I’m so glad I was able to make something useful and pretty out of my failed yarn pancreas.  Now if only I could find a good use for my other failed pancreas!!


  1. Didn't the cat steal one of your blankets, also? I still want a hat even if I didn't win your giveaway...

  2. Love this, and everything about it! I love a great deal! I love your knitted cowl (aka failed pancreas...lol) and the kitty is absolutely adorable! :) I'm always impressed and slightly envious of people who can knit and make pretty things! I learned to pearl when I was 10, but couldn't get the knitting part down. I would sit and pearl squares, I was so proud of my creations...lol Maybe one day I will learn how to knit something ;)

  3. So nice that your fake pancreas could come to a good use! Great job recycling!


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