Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day - Yay or Nay??

While reading posts throughout the DOC about Spare a Rose, Save a Child, I realized that there are a lot of strong opinions about Valentine’s Day and it’s traditional gifts.  And that’s just fine - different opinions are part of what makes us each unique and special.  Sometimes diabetes has an influence over these outlooks, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way everyone’s opinions are valid.  I’m certainly not going to try to change anyone’s feeling . . . . . but here's my two cents.  (Spoiler Alert: I’m Yay all the way!!)

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant?  Why would I ever say no to that??  I love to cook and, at the risk of sounding boastful, I’m a very good cook.  But having someone else do the cooking and clean up?  Yup, that’s quite a luxury too!!  Bolusing for a meal out is more tricky than when I cook myself, but I’m quite okay with that!

Chocolates?  Most definitely yes!!!!  Remember, while I was growing up diabetics couldn’t have sugar, so I spent years being told chocolates and candy were taboo.  (Not that I didn’t sneak them anyway, but that’s a whole other issue.)  I’m thrilled that those days are gone, and that I can choose a reasonable portion (or not . . . ), count the carbs, plan out my bolus and enjoy.  I respect anyone’s choice to pass on treats if that is better for them, but for me?  A little chocolate makes me smile.

These arrived yesterday.  I guess he still loves me!!

Flowers?  Love them!!!!  My grandfather was a florist.  He and my grandmother lived in an apartment beneath their flower shop, and that’s were my Dad and his brothers grew up.  Our whole family gathered there every Saturday.  My cousins and I played in the gardens or the greenhouses while my Dad and uncles helped finish the work and close up the shop.  I loved  the lush green plants, the pansies with their happy faces, the big shiny rows of ribbons in every color, the smells of the shop and the chill of the walk-in fridge.  Flowers are a part of who I am, and the fact that they quickly wither and die makes me appreciate how special they are even  more.  And, putting all sappy sentiment aside, flowers are sugar-, carb- and calorie-free, so even on my worst diabetes day flowers are the perfect pick-me-up!!

Of course, flowers are a little more special this year thanks to the Spare a Rose, Save a Child initiative.  Pete and I made our donation yesterday and it was super quick and easy to give using PayPal.  (There are other options too, if you don’t have PayPal.)  Valentine’s Day fan or not, I hope we are all fans of saving some lives.  Go on and make your donation, and if you’d like a chance to win a blue hand-knit leave a comment on my post from Monday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Or, if you prefer, Happy Thursday!!


  1. Sending you (and Pete) all sorts of valentine buddy love! I'm so glad to have you both in my life. :-)

    And thanks for helping to spread the word on the spare a rose movement.

  2. It's dinner and flowers for the Mrs. here today. Hope you & Pete have a super Valentine's Day!

  3. Happy post VD! I hope you had a great time. There are detractors for everything - you have to just decide what is right for you. We don't do anything big - exchanged cards but we did spend the evening together, holding hands, watching TV. Not some people's idea of excitement but we enjoyed it. (We both have a tendency to work in the evenings so taking the night off is big for us) Good for you!


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