Friday, April 15, 2011

Coffee to . . . . bolus for??

Last night Pete and I went to an extra special event.  A very good friend of mine has started a coffee business and last night he held a small launch party.  I got to sample my first taste of Deadly Grounds - Coffee to Die For.  We sampled the Dark & Deadly Roast, and it was GOOOOD!!!  (Although at midnight, when I STILL couldn’t get to sleep?  Maybe not so good . . . . )

DG Coffee D&D Stiffy 12oz
 I don't know about you, but caffeine spikes my blood sugar.  In the morning, when I drink my daily vat of coffee, I bolus one full unit while the coffee is brewing to head off the coffee-spike.  If I have any more coffee during the day, I always choose decaf - partly because the caffeine will keep me up at night and partly because I usually choose to spend my carbs and insulin on actual food rather than beverages.  But I’ll make an exception for Deadly Grounds, because this coffee sure is bolus-worthy.  The problem is, I forgot to bolus for it last night because I’m only used to drinking caffeine in the morning.  Stupid caffeine spike!!

I’m really proud of my friend and his new coffee venture.  I love the way he ties in the whole “Deadly Grounds” theme through the products, packaging and advertising.

And yes, in case you are wondering, that is his hearse in the ad.  (Although that isn’t him behind the wheel.)  And yes, he has driven it to my house for a visit.  Nothing makes you the freak of the neighborhood like standing outside chatting next to the hearse on your curb!

Want to try Deadly Grounds for yourself?  Check out their Facebook page and click on the Shop Now button in the sidebar to place your order.  “Coffee to Die For”?  Well in my case, a better slogan might be "Coffee to Bolus For"!!


  1. It kind of has a Six Feet Under vibe to it, but it sounds like it will be worth trying the next time I'm in CT (which will be over Easter weekend).

  2. HA! The commercial is hilarious and I love the name and "theme"...very creative. AND...yes, you must look like a "super-freak" standing next to the hearse hanging out. I love "freaks" though. ;)

  3. The thought of you chatting outside next to a hearse freaking out the neighbors is funny! Now all you need is a friend, who drives a police car. You can invite them both over at the same time, and you'll be all set! :)


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