Monday, November 29, 2010

Late Last Best Blessing

DBlessingsWeek1 So I seem to have flaked on my weekend posts for Diabetes Blessings Week, which is a shame because I was saving my best blessing for last.  SO, even though Diabetes Blessings Week ended yesterday,  I’m going to share my last blessing today.

Without a doubt, the absolute best thing that has come to me as a result of diabetes is my friends!!!


The friends that are pictured, the friends that are not.  The friends I have met, the friends I will be meeting soon, the friends I may never get to meet.  Each and every one who has read or commented or emailed or shared your life on your own blog.  You make me stronger, you make me happier, you make me a better person.  Thank you for the blessing of you!!


  1. I love this! (And love the photos you posted - glad I could do CRAZY FACE once again. :) )


  2. Thank YOU for putting your voice out there. (And for commiserating about our black and white felines...)

  3. Thank you Karen, I am blessed to have you as a friend, and appreciate every bit of you and P and everything you do. :-)


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