Friday, November 26, 2010

Diabetes Blessings Week - Exercise

It is day five of Diabetes Blessings Week!!


I do not like to exercise.  It is no secret that I’m a lazy slacker.

But diabetes plays so much nicer when I exercise.  My numbers stay more stable.  My A1Cs are better.  My basal rates are lower and I use less insulin.  So, although I still haven’t really found an exercise routine I can stick with long term, I do keep trying.

TurkeyTrotYesterday Pete and I ran our third 5K since August - also our third 5K since ever.  It was a Turkey Trot here in town.  We honestly thought about skipping it even though we paid the registration fee months ago.  Why skip it?  Well, you see, we hadn’t run, not even a training jog, since October 8th.  BUT we are cheap and had already paid for it we knew a morning run would make the Thanksgiving Feasting so much easier on my blood sugars.  So we decided we wouldn’t worry about our run-time, we would just enjoy being out in the fresh air for a walk/run.  In the end, we were thrilled that, at 45 minutes, it took us only five minutes longer than our best run-time.  (Not to say 40 or 45 minutes are good times for a 5K, but at least we get out there and try.  And yes, I hurt the whole rest of the day, but wine helped!!)

Diabetes has blessed me with a reason to keep trying to exercise, even when I really really really really really really don’t want to!!


  1. Very true. Although I hate how diabetes makes exercise tricky with having to align all the stars just right in order to exercise at all. But I wonder if I would be so obsessed with exercise if I wasn't diabetic. Good job going for the Turkey Trot and completing three 5K runs! That's pretty awesome!

  2. Karen-

    Congrats on completing the TT:) you and P should be proud of yourselves. Btw, I am proud of you because me physical activity on Thanksgiving day=fail lol

  3. That is wonderful Karen! Great job on the 5K and I am soooo with you on the wine girl...I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. I'm not a big fan of doing exercise just for exercise sake. I've found the best way is to find sports etc that you actually enjoy doing to keep fit and keep the blood sugar down.

  5. HI FIVE!!!!!!

    So proud of you :)

    I think 45 minutes ROCKS!!!!!

    I feel completely inspired!

  6. You're a brave one, getting out there on Turkey Day - (though maybe next year will find me doing the same).

  7. Congratulations Karen! That is awesome!


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