Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Snapshots . . .

We didn't make it outside for a walk this weekend - rain, clouds and choirs kind of washed away any chance of snapping some pretty nature shots to share.  So instead, I'll share some of my favorite pictures of my little kitty cat.  Not that I take a lot of pictures of her or anything.  *grin*

I took this one when I dropped her off at the boarding place before Pete and I went on our cruise.  She looks so cute - but also so small and scared.  Yes, I cried when I left her there.  I cried a lot.

K.C. gets stuck modeling with yarn and knitting quite a bit.  She doesn't love it.  I love this picture because it looks like she's kissing the little yarny cat.  She's probably just trying to knock it off of herself using her head.

This is the day she decided to climb into the entertainment center and hang out for a while. I thought it was pretty funny. After all, she is very entertaining - so I guess the entertainment center is just the place for her.

I love this picture because it looks so ridiculous.  Some how, I caught her in mid-lick.  I love the look on her face.  Her eyes are so big, her tongue is sticking out.  It just cracks me up.

And in this one, she is sleeping peacefully in my lap.  Doesn't she look so sweet?  I melt every time I look at this one.

That's it for Sunday's Snapshots.  Hope you enjoyed it!!


  1. KC is adorable! Love the bookcase pic!

  2. Ooohh, sweet kitty!

    IDK why they choose the weird spots either. Mine sits in a dark room staring at the wall. For HOURS. Weirdo!


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