Thursday, August 20, 2009

You know you're married to a diabetic when . . .

I've talked about the fact that Pete and I are dieting.  And how we track our calories, carbs, fat grams and protein on Sparkpeople.  This lead to an interesting conversation between us the other night.  It went something like this . . . 

Karen: How was dinner?
Pete: It was good.  Now I need to log my bloods.
Karen: You need to what?
Pete (slightly annoyed): Log in my bloods.
Karen:  Do you mean log in your FOODS?
Pete: Oh . . . yeah . . . I said blood sugars, didn't I?

Something tells me he's been married to a diabetic for too long.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Nice one Pete. ;-)

    wv: sperses

    When in doubt, sperses those bloods.

  2. Pete made a funny- as in funny ha-ha type of funny!!
    Kelly K

  3. Karen, I really like the concept of Sparkspeople, but I find the site way overwhelming. Maybe I'm not giving it a fair chance.
    Do you just do the basic food tracking, or do you belong to a bunch of groups, etc. I sort of like the email I get from them, but, it's a lot of stuff to go through. I guess it depends on where your priorities lie.

  4. hehe Karen,

    You might have a TV show idea in the works :-)
    meet "The Blood Sugars"

  5. That is so awesome. GO PETE! See Karen, his subconcious drive to take care of you invades his every thought! Such a great team. I sure do miss you guys!


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