Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What diabetes supplies to you lug around?

A while ago Lee Ann from The Butter Compartment did a vlog in which she went through her purse to show all of the medical supplies, and medical waste, that she lugs around.  Yesterday Kerri at Six Until Me did a similar vlog.  So I decided I'd put the contents of my purse on display for everyone too!

Things I learned while making this vlog:
  • The video quality of my laptop web-cam is pretty poor.  The words often don't match up to my lips.  There is also a flash of light near the beginning which seemed to make everything blurry for a while.
  • I move too fast and use my hands too much when I speak.  I can't help it, I am half Italian.  All of that fast movement doesn't help with the blurry issue.  (I did debate trying to shoot this again on my digital camera, but I couldn't deal with making another big mess.)  I apologize in advance to anyone who gets motion sickness while watching my vlog.
  • I need to learn how to put the fancy lettering on the vlogs so I can show people's web addresses when I talk about them.
  • When I'm nervous, I tend to over-state the obvious.  And babble.  And incorrectly identify things.
  • I need to learn to hold things up higher if I expect the camera to see them.
  • I carry enough candy in my bag to treat lows for the whole D-OC.
  • I can't tell a dime from a nickel.
  • Travel cups will crack me up.
  • I'm forgetful in front of the camera.  I meant to shake my empty bag and see how many old test strips would fall out.  It didn't happen.  Maybe that's a project for a future vlog!

Too scared to watch it? No? Okay, don't say I didn't warn you!!


  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing Karen! I need to do this too....working on it. I carry enough low supplies for a platoon.....

    wv: curings.
    Why yes please. Thanks.

  2. Karen, I had no idea! Thank you for sharing what you have to carry. I agree that one can never have overly moisturized lips or enough Smarties.

  3. Love Smarties! And I compartmentalize my bag by what's important and where it goes--zippered items are always VIP. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy crap that's a lot of candy! I feel like if I ever do have dinner with you, it's just going to consist of a giant bowl of Smarties. But maybe with the extra space on the dinner table, we can play that football/hockey/whatever it is game with the 3 nickels.

  5. That's amazing! I too had no idea what one needs to carry.

  6. We have the same meter!!!
    God, we really do deserve extra carry-on while flying!
    kelly k

  7. I'm not sure if it was you cracking up about travel cup or the travel cup in general but I was cracking up at that part!! hahah just laughed thinking about it!

    also.. you are way more prepared than I am! I just did the same post tonight, and I wish I could say I had as much on hand as you did!! I have to carry glucose tabs because if I carry candy I will just eat it and bolus for it. :) especially smarties, sprees and sweedish fish. yummm

  8. The matrix thing was super gnarly! All you needed was some sweet action music!

    Love the vlog (even if you broke the string of "Scott"). :-)

  9. Wowo, now I feel so much better about all the stuff I carry. I have downsized a bit lately but it is still stuffed to the gills!

  10. You have an excellent blog, Lora! We'd like to share it with our readers. I just emailed you and hope to talk soon.

  11. Sorry to get your name wrong, Karen! Apologies!

  12. Hi Karen,
    Inspired by you and Kerri and Leanne, I have done my own "diabetic handbag" vlog. I'd love to know what you think!

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