Friday, August 14, 2009

I thought it was odd . . .

When the CGM alarmed me for a high a few hours ago, I thought it was odd.  I don't usually have a problem with highs mid-morning.  And I had been slacking and hadn't even eaten breakfast yet, so it wasn't like that would have driven me up.  But my blood sugars have been off for the past week.  So I just figured it was another frustratingly random high.  I tested and punched in my correction along with a breakfast bolus.

When I thought I felt a bit of dampness, I thought it was odd.  But I'm a pretty clumsy person.  I was sure I must have sloshed some of my breakfast onto my pajama leg.

When I noticed my CGM still showed me well above 200 with two rapid rising arrows, I thought it was odd.  Surely some of the insulin I bolused would be kicking in by now.  I know I ate breakfast without waiting until I was under 150.  But I shouldn't still be rising so rapidly.

When it occurred to me that the funny scent that kept wafting past my nose smelled a lot like insulin, I DIDN'T think it was odd.  It finally clicked.  I figured out what I'm sure you had pegged by the second paragraph of this post.  I pulled out my pump.  I kept pulling and the tubing kept coming - swinging gracefully though the air because it wasn't attached to my site.  DUNCE!!!!

I had disconnected at 7:06 this morning to prime out a large bubble in my tubing.  Apparently, when I connected back up, I didn't click into the site all the way.  The end of my tubing had been pumping insulin into the air rather than into me.  I know I'm very lucky that my blood sugar is only 284, but it's a small consolation.  Hopefully I can get it back on the down-swing before I hit the 300s.  But it's frustrating that my own stupidity is causing hours of crappy blood sugar readings.

I'll be wearing my dunce hat for the remainder of the day.


  1. It happens to the best of us! :) Hope you get thoes sugars back down.

  2. That is very frustrating! My set actually fell out on it's own for the first time for me recently ... unfortunately these are man made tools that we use and things like that can happen. I just hope you can recover quickly for the sake of having a good rest of the day!

  3. I have done the SAME THING many times. At least you could just click back on right? You didn't have to change your whole set did you?


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