Friday, January 30, 2009

First vlog post . . .

Well, I've got a new laptop. And it has a web-cam. So I decided to jump on the vlogging bandwagon.

I've always been more comfortable writing than speaking. I did three takes, and this is the least bad of the three. I didn't ramble quite as much and most of what I wanted to say came out okay.

I definitely think K.C. is the star of the vlog!


  1. Great Vlog! I have been in the hospital once with DKA and I NEVER want to do that again. Ugh.

    I love K.C. too. Cats are awesome.

  2. Great vlog, Karen!! (And cute kitty for sure!) I love that people are sharing their diabetes stuff on camera - makes us even that much closer. :D

  3. Well HELLO there Karen!!! Hi, hi hi hi hi!!
    SO good to See you, to Hear you!

    Woo hoo on the new laptop and Congrats on your first vlog post, sweet!

    And K.C. is beautiful! So adorable, so looks like my Katsi when he was young....

    24 years and I have never gone into DKA, thank the Lord. I hope I never experience it.

    So happy you found your husband, the pump and the CGMS!

    And again, HI!

  4. You're a natural vlogger! That was great! I wasn't thinking about vlogging, but I might be down with it if my lizard co-starred with me, lol :)

  5. Oh boy was I mad at work when I could not open the video!
    That was nice, Karen. And the kitty is lovely.
    Have a good weekend!

  6. Awesome! And K.C. said "meow" to me!!! I feel so special. The Great Day Train has been good today, and that topped it off!

    Thank you!

  7. Great Vlog Karen! Cute kitty and it was nice to listen to you.

  8. Great first vlog, hopefully more will follow this one :]


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