Thursday, December 4, 2008

Qualifying . . .

When I wrote yesterdays post, I was so excited about starting the CGMS process that I forgot to mention the requirements I need to meet for my insurance to consider a CGM medically neccessary.  I have Anthem Blue Cross, and here's what they want to see.
  • I must be a Type 1 diabetic, and therefore insulin dependent.  CHECK
  • I must test my blood a minimum of 4 times per day.  CHECK, usually before noon!
  • I must have a month-long blood sugar log that shows numbers below 50.  CHECK, including some nasty ones in the 30's and that scary 27 at the beginning of last month.
  • My endo must write a prescription.  CHECK.
So hopefully, it will be smooth sailing.  I'm afraid to get too excited though, because I feel like you never know what the insurance company will say.

I also have to admit that it irks me that they don't care about high blood sugar readings, only the lows.  As if the highs are no problem.  It's those highs that lead to costly long-term complications, so shouldn't I need to show them readings over 250 too? 

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