Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And so the fight begins . . .

"In this corner, weighing it at " . . . okay, wait a minute.  I'm not about to broadcast my weight on the internet, so I guess this little boxing metaphor will have to stop before it even gets started.

So, to put it plainly, my fight for CGMS approval has begun.  Earlier today I had my endo appointment.  I have to confess, as I printed out my blood sugar readings I was sickened.  I saw some very scary lows, but I also saw tons and tons of readings between 200 and 300.  The amount of time I have spend high concerned me, and I was prepared to say good-bye to my hard earned 6.3 A1C.

I did say good-bye to it.  In fact, I was shocked to find that my new A1C was 6.2.  After looking over my blood sugar results, my endo agreed that there must be a bunch of lows I'm not feeling and not catching.  That's scary enough to counteract any joy I should feel at having a lower A1C.

This afternoon I was on the phone with Minimed.  The hardest part of the process so far was figuring out what Caller Option I needed from the main switchboard.  Once I got to the right department, things went very smoothly.  My request is in, and someone should be contacting my insurance company tomorrow.  According to the information in their files, I easily meet Anthem's requirements for CGMS coverage.  Hopefully I will have good news by Monday or Tuesday.

And if I don't, I'm prepared to move on to Round 2 of the fight.


  1. Good luck on your fight! Hope you have a TKO in the first round :)

  2. Good luck! I hope you get coverage! I think I'll be starting this fight soon too...

  3. Karen, I think it's a little freaky to expect a certan A1C and then have it be off (even in the "good" direction).
    I went through a period of about 5 years where I could predict the A1C within .2 and then, everything changed, even though I was testing and logging the same amount - I'd expect to be high and I was lower. I'd expect to be lower and I was higher.
    .....just one more surprise.

  4. I wish you luck too. I hope this is an easy fight and you'll be hooked up, and as happy (and sleep-deprived) as I am with mine!

  5. Karen

    I hope you have the CGM before Christmas. Now that would be a major blessing.

    What annoys me is that you need to have lows to qualify for a CGM with many companies. That doesn't seem right to me. It's not like the lows completely go away if you didn't have the CGM. Grrr.


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