Friday, June 12, 2015

Mojito Memories . . . .

So earlier in the week I was catching up on my DVRed episodes of The Chew because I still like that show.  (Although to be completely honest, I don’t like it as much as I did in its first few seasons.  Also, remember the time I went to a live taping??)  So anyway, I’m watching The Chew and who should appear on one of the on-location segments?  My favorite chef with Type 1, Sam Talbot.  Okay, I don’t actually know of any other chefs with Type 1, although I’m sure there must be a bunch more.  We’ll still call Chef Talbot my favorite though.  Especially because I like what he had to say towards the end of the segment about “diabetic food”.

It got me thinking back to the first year I went to Friends for Life and Tandem’s event for adults with Type 1, “A Night with Sam Talbot”.  It was covered towards the bottom of this write-up.  I remember how delicious that Blueberry and Mint Mojito was, although Pete and I shared one because I lost my drink ticket.  Actually, I thought I lost it.  The drink tickets were small(ish) removable tabs on the evening’s admission wristbands, and after we got back to the room at the end of the night it turned out my ticket has simply folded over and was hidden inside the band.  (Yes, I’m sure if I had told someone “in charge” they would’ve gotten  me another.  But we all know I’m far too shy for that.)  Ah well, maybe the universe was telling me I drink too much.  And look, even dead sober I very blurry pictures.

Who knows, maybe a full drink would’ve helped my uncoordinated self a bit!!  In any case, it was a nice walk down memory lane.

I’m not really sure what my point is in this rambly post except that I had a nice time reminiscing.  And perhaps I’ll make myself a mojito tonight with my “diabetic supper”.  *wink wink*


  1. Just thought I'd say, "Hi."

  2. MMMM Mojitos!!! I am partial to the strawberry ones, but the blueberry sounds yummy.

  3. I live here but I never heard of him . Neat !


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