Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Revisiting "Freak Outs" . . . .

***Today the DOC is participating in another #dblogcheck day, when we stop lurking on all the blogs we read and actually reach out and leave a comment.  Even if it's just to say "#dblogcheck" or "Hi, I'm here and I'm reading your blog!!".  It's always a lot of fun for me, but since (as mentioned yesterday) I don't have my laptop on-line things are all very slow and clunky.  So instead of writing a whole new post, I thought I'd look back at a silly little post from 2013 in hopes of giving you a little laugh as you make the #dblogcheck rounds today!***

Yesterday on Facebook Kerri shared a cute blog post she had come across - 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out.  It’s really funny, and you should probably go read it or you won’t really get the rest of my post.

So anyway, as often is the case, my demented brain worked out a way to bring this around to diabetes.  And I give you . . . . . .

FreakOut46 D-Reasons I Might be Freaking Out like a Three Year Old

No AAA batteries.

Huge plates of French fries.

My husband drank the last of the juice.

My insurance company . . . . anything about them at all.

Mexican food.

I’m really really thirsty.

Low reservoir.

My toes are cold.


“Can you eat that?”

Endo appointment tomorrow.

“My Grandmother had diabetes and went blind!”


Chinese food.

“My father’s uncle had diabetes and they had to cut off his foot!”

26 mg/dL.

348 mg/dL.

Beep Boop BEEP.

I took my Lantus this morning . . . . . didn’t I????

Dessert buffet.

Bent cannula.

“My sister’s friend’s cousin had diabetes, but he lost weigh and it went away. Why don’t you do that?”

Dropped my bottle of insulin on a marble floor.

Dropped SOMEONE ELSE’S bottle of insulin on a marble floor.

Low alarm at the gym.

High alarm at the Italian restaurant . . . . before we even got seated.

Shopping at Target.

Non-delivery error.

Button error.

Motor error.

Husband thinks the reason I’m mad at him must be because I’m low.

Two up arrows.

Two down arrows.

Pricked, but can’t squeeze out any damn blood.

Pricked one spot, but bled from three.

Seven rage boluses finally kick in . . . . . all at once.



Error 5.

Blood spot on my new white shirt.

“Type 1 . . . . . is that the BAD kind?”

Halle Berry.

The diet Coke the waitress brought doesn’t taste like diet.

“220?  What did you eat??”

Snake oil cures.

It’s Wednesday evening and TWITTER IS DOWN!!!  #dsma


  1. This is the first blog I have visited today that I am the first commenter. And the reason for that? You were ahead of me every time.

    Love this post. I probably read it in 2013 but it seems super fun and clever today.

  2. Loved it the first time. Love it again! Thanks Karen!

  3. This is so great, Karen!!! Love them all -- and the fun of the Low and High BGs back to back. Oh, man... and #DSMA being down... just shut down the Internet, why don't they -- what's the point?!? :)

    Thanks for sharing this great list -- this could actually be something I magnet to my fridge, because there's probably one each day (this morning = NO MORE COFFEE). I so appreciate your blog and knowing you, and can't way to give you a hug at the UnConf! #dblogcheck

  4. Haha Don't forget:
    Ripped off my pump
    Ripped off my CGM
    Pump is hanging off but looks connected!
    Pump hurts on day 1
    So does the CGM

  5. Hi Karen, funny post!

  6. A great list. I love Susan's additions as well. However there's probably so many many more.

  7. Oh, I have so many of these freakouts on my list as well! #dblogcheck, and see you for real, SOON!!

  8. Wait, wasn't the "Dropped SOMEONE ELSE’S bottle of insulin on a marble floor. " with Mike Lawson at one of the Roche meetings? (Also, hi! I miss you.)

    1. Yes, it was!!!! Not just a hypothetical for the sake of the list, but an actual memory of the time I almost killed my friend and then went back to my hotel room and cried. ;) (Miss you too!)

  9. I am really glad I am not the only one who has these moments occasionally. #dblogcheck!

  10. Ah! I love this list, so true and funny and relatable! I'm glad you reposted!

  11. Love this post! Can I add a few more?

    Mom, I just threw up
    The school nurse calls and nightscout is showing BG is in range (usually means her pod had failed)
    Child doesn't want to eat (after being bolused)
    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! (pod failure)

    Okay.... I'll stop hijacking your post now.

    1. Not hijacking at all!! I love the additions from the d-mom perspective!

  12. "The diet Coke the waitress brought doesn’t taste like diet."....all.the.time.

  13. Hahaha! Spot on. Thanks for the laughs (which are much needed as I'm freaking out about insurance as I'm typing this...)

  14. Does the diet coke EVER taste like diet coke? Because I'm asked to taste my daughter's EVERY TIME.
    Fun post!

  15. The name "Halle Berry" is the equivalent of telling me to go to hell. Seriously. I tried using "Halle Berry" to replace "F#ck You" but then I kept having to explain it which made me more incensed. Ugh. Great post though. xo

  16. super great list and I could relate to so many! I am always being asked by my kid to test the drink to see if it's diet!!

  17. Love this! I can identify with is as much as the one about the 3yo. And it's extra fun when both the 3yo and the diabetes are in the same freak out mood! :)

  18. Great post, Karen. Lots of love. #dblogcheck

  19. Didn't see pizza on the initial list. That's near the top for me.

    I love this. Pretty sure we could easily create a list of hundreds.

  20. I loved both the post from which you got your inspiration and your post. Laughed the whole way through, and cried a bit too! Life as we know it hey? :)

  21. How sad is it that these all still apply? I am, and always will be, a huge fan of yours. Thanks for everything! See you soon... that makes me happy.

  22. Wow, I think you just expressed what's hard to put into words...that is...just how hard diabetes can be somedays and how were still dealing with all the same annoyances as the rest of the world :)

  23. "Pricked, but can’t squeeze out any damn blood. Pricked one spot, but bled from three." Yup -- that was me. Yesterday. Riding the subway.

    "Seven rage boluses finally kick in . . . . . all at once." Also, yup. Probably my favorite of all of them!

  24. This is amazing! I've been behind in blog reading and I randomly was thinking about D-blog week so I decided to check your blog out and saw this post and it's brilliant! I need to get back into my D-blog reading and this was a great post to get me in the mood :).


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