Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What’s That Wednesdays - Smoothies!!

So far, the breakfast smoothie trial is going well.  I scale down the servings so they equal about 30 carbs and I tweak the ingredients to suit my tastes and what’s in my pantry.  (Like using plain yogurt with my own honey and vanilla added.)



Monday’s smoothie was more chunky than smooth, but as each day goes by I’m getting a feel for how long the blender needs to run in order to make a smoothie that is actually smooth.  But these were all really tasty, and also quick and easy to make.  I may be a breakfast smoothie convert, so I think I’ll need a few more recipes so I don’t get tired of these three.  Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe to share?


  1. So if you don't want to drink the entire portion, can it be
    "saved"? Would you put it in the freezer and then reblend it?
    (Or, I suppose you could just make 1/2 the recipe".
    I love love love almond milk.

    1. Pete suggested making the whole recipe and saving the extra in the refrigerator or freezer but I haven't tried that yet. So far, I just freeze any leftover fruit (half a banana or half an apple) to use another day and it's been working well for me. :)


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