Thursday, October 9, 2014

NOT a serving of fruit . . .

Yesterday I tweeted the following:


Yes, I know an apple muffin is not a serving of fruit.  I know I need to eat a better lunch, complete with some protein and vegetables.  I even tried to talk myself into a fresh apple topped with peanut butter instead, but my craving vetoed the idea.  So I caved.

It wasn’t even a home-made muffin either.  It was a ginormous bakery muffin from the grocery store.  It was delicious and it was just what I wanted.  But . . . . you guessed it.  I was high all afternoon.  It took several corrections to get back into range.  In the end, it probably wasn’t worth it.

I think (and hope) it’s normal for everyone to give in to a craving now and again, even when we know better.  But I can’t help but wonder what that feels like for someone without diabetes.  I bet they enjoy it a whole lot more.


  1. Girl, I think it was worth it! WHY? Because it was what you REALLY wanted.
    No one should eat a big fat muffin everyday, but it's OK treat everyone in a while. Multiple corrections aren't a bad thing because it teaches us how to do it better the next time we want a treat.
    People with working pancreases don't have to think about it, but on the flip side I think it would be a good idea if they did. Because then they might only have it once in a while and like you, really enjoy it!
    Love you lady!

  2. You know that one day you might eat the muffin and be in the 200s all day, and another day you might eat the muffin and be 100 all day. So don't feel bad about eating the muffin because today was a 200s day! Plus, there's always tomorrow...and who knows, that might be a 100 day :)

  3. Muffins have carbs???
    Just kidding!


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