Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Looking Back - Oven Mitts . . .

****  Today I’m revisiting a post from a few years ago, in which I realized just how calloused my poor little finger tips are.  And yes, I still do feel guilty for all those times I called my husband a wimp when he complained things were too hot touch!! ****

During the summer, we do a lot of cooking on the grill.  Okay, by “we” I mean Pete.  I don’t actually step near the grill.  Although I do prep the food so that makes it a “we” effort, right?  I usually wrap our vegetables in foil packets in an attempt to have Pete cook our entire dinner outside on the grill during those sweltering days of summer.  When we try to unwrap them, hot off the grill, Pete always complains about the foil burning his fingers.  I usually call him a wimp and unwrap them with my bare hands.

The other day, we went to Starbucks.  I grabbed a seat to check my blood sugar while Pete ordered our coffees.  As he brought them over, he said they were so hot they were burning him and went off to get us those thermal sleeve thingies.  Call me pig-headed, but I had to see how hot the paper coffee cup really was.  And it wasn’t hot at all.  Wimp!!

Cue the guilt-music.  Now re-read the paragraph above.  Especially the line about checking my blood sugar.  You see, I test between 8 and 12 times every day.  I’ve realized that the scar tissue I’ve developed on my poor over-pricked fingers are my permanent little oven-mitts.  And the perhaps my husband isn't such a wimp after all.  Sorry, Sweetpea!


  1. Way to lay on the guilt! :) I've wondered about the fingertip scar-tissue, too... used to do that when waiting tables at a restaurant, and wouldn't feel plates being very hot even though the cook/other servers said they were. Suzi hasn't been much help, though, as she does the same thing and finds no prob -- we just assume it's because she has that past waitress fingers, as well.

  2. Hi Karen, I have been doing fingersticks since the mid 1980s, and you the callousing on my fingers is awful. I have tried using my lower arms as an alternate site, but the numbers tend to vary when compared with my fingers. I also get red spots on my arms and it looks like I have an allergy. So I stick with my fingers.


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