Thursday, August 21, 2014


Guess what greeted me when I took my fasting blood sugar this morning?

 I get unreasonably excited about that elusive perfect 100.  You do know that when you get a #hundy you also get $1.00, right?  I showed my meter to Pete as he left for work, and he pulled out his wallet and handed over my dollar.  I folded it up and put it in the pocket of my meter case, along with other dollars from other 100s.  I have no idea what I’m saving them for, but they make me happy.

Do you play the 100 = $1.00 game?


  1. I don't play the 100=$100 game... but that's kind of fun! I do feel like I should get high fives for every 100.

  2. Never heard that, my daughter had a 100 the other day and said it was her first. I'll have to tell her I owe her a $1.00

  3. First time I heard about it was earlier in the year, when you tried to give me a dollar. I've been thinking of it ever since... and wouldn't you know it, I've come close but not hit the 100 mark since. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. My dad started giving me $1 for 100 when I was in high school. I always tried to convince him to give me $2 for 200 but it never worked! ;)

  5. This just gave me a good idea. I think I'll collect $10 for every 10000 steps I take...too high? Okay $1...LOL!

    1. I love that idea, Lonnie!! My Fitbit tells me I've been slacking on my steps lately - a dollar (or ten) might just get me motivated again.

  6. That is such a fantastic idea! If I would have had an incentive like this when I was younger, I can guarantee that my A1C's would have been impeccable! If I were to ever have a child with type one diabetes (God forbid...) I would definitely use this awesome tip! Thanks!


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