Monday, September 23, 2013

Pinning Diabetes . . . .

For a long time, I resisted joining Pinterest.  I can't keep up with the social media sites I’ve already joined and I’m perpetually behind on blog reading, so creating another social media account didn’t make sense.  But, of course, in the end the curiosity got the best of me and I found myself logging in.

I got sucked in pretty quickly.  I’ve found Pinterest is pretty great for finding recipes and planning out my weekly menu.  (I “like” the recipes I plan to cook that week, and "unlike” them after I’ve made them.)  I turned to Pinterest when I decided I wanted to change my hair, and it was easy to show my hairdresser the cuts I liked.  (Thank you Pinterest iPhone app!)  I have a whole board dedicated to our kitchen renovation.  I’m pinning cleaning tips and fashion stuff and decorating ideas and things I want to bake.  How did I ever manage without Pinterest?

About the only thing I don’t use Pinterest for is diabetes.  So I wonder if I’m missing out?  To those of you who are dedicated Pinners, I’d love to know if you use Pinterest for diabetes stuff.  Are there some great d-related boards I should be following?  Or is Pinterest not really helpful diabetes-wise?


  1. I don't use Pinterest for diabetes things, but I do pin things that make life with diabetes easier, like healthy recipes and different types of exercises.

  2. Personally I think you should keep one social media site diabetes free. Your body can't take a break from diabetes but you can online! That's just me though.

    1. That's a really good point, Tristan!! Pinterest can be my little diabetes escape when it all feels too overwhelming.

  3. I love seeing recipes, home decorating and hair styling tips but I've never attempted any of them...somehow I think they would all end up here:

    I honestly never thought to look for diabetes related stuff, maybe I'll start looking

  4. I love Pinterest overall, but don't do a ton of diabetes-related pinning. I'll pin cool things related to diabetes in some way on my Diabetes Stuff board, I pin exercise tips and I'll put "low-carb" or carb counts in pin descriptions of recipes so when I come back to them it's right there.


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