Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Easy Decision . . . .

TheLoopMy latest post is up over at Medtronic’s blog The Loop.  This time I’m talking about why I decided to add a Continuous Glucose Monitor to my diabetes routine.  It’s funny, because my decision to start pumping was a very slow and gradual one.  But my decision to use a CGM hinged on one moment I always remember, which I’ve shared in my post.

Were your d-tech decisions gradual, like my pump experience?  Or did you make up your mind in an instant, like my CGM decision?  Or like me, have you had a mix of both?

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  1. Well, I immediately knew I wanted a pump after being diagnosed, but it took a few years to convince my endos to give me one.

    Still not on the CGM, and I go back and forth about wanting one. My fiance (also T1) started using a CGM, and I feel like he relies on it a little too much, if that's possible? I can still feel my highs and lows, but the data and trends could be very useful. See? Torn. I'll finally be old enough (25) to qualify for one under my insurance policy at the end of this month.

  2. Karen I was so much like you about getting a pump took me quite a while but the CGM decision did not take much thought I knew it would another great tool in my arsenal.

  3. I was waiting for a while for my insurance to cover the CGM...I knew I wanted it when I first found out about it but my insurance had crazy guidelines at first like I had to have a certain number of lows in the 50's or lower. For someone who trended high, getting below 100 made me feel low so I never had any 50's to report, thus I didn't get the CGM until my insurance finally changed its mind.

    The pump decision was different because I was only 13 when I got it so I'm not sure I was too involved in that decision


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