Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - My New Workout Pal

Clif Shot Bloks

While chatting at Government Day last month, my friend Barbara mentioned she uses Clif Shot Bloks during her workouts.  Although she doesn’t have T1, I believe she said she’s hypoglycemic and I know she enjoys doing long, intense workouts.  She mentioned that these Bloks are great for fueling her through her routine and that each individual Blok has 8 grams of carbs.  She suggested they might work for me too, so when I saw them at Whole Foods I decided to give them a try.

Yesterday as I left for the gym I tested at 147.  I was nervous after a pretty bad low at the gym over the weekend, so I ate one Shot Blok.  Post workout number? 107!!  WIN!

Thanks for the great tip, Barbara! 

*Yes, yes, I know, this post isn’t even close to being Wordless.  Oh well . . . .


  1. I use those too! I love the margarita flavored one.

  2. I used those a lot when I was training for my big bike ride last spring. They work well and are easy to carry (don't have to worry about them getting all crushed up in my pockets, etc).

  3. I'm a Shot Blok fan too, although they kinda kill my stomach after 3 hours of running! They are great compared to gels, etc. because you can take a smaller amount of carbs on a more frequent basis. (I.E. gels are often 25g and you gotta have the whole packet, which causes spikes, whereas I can pop a Blok every 20-30 minutes and maintain a beautiful flat line over, say, a 15-mile run.) I imagine that as you keep working out the lows won't get as bad, but as you keep ramping up in the gym....keep giving them a shot! (Ha, no pun intended.)

    And I love the margarita flavor too-- although you have to remember that they are salty before you bite into one!

  4. Another Shot Blok lover over here :) While training, and then running, in my first 3 marathons I used apple/cinnamon gels. While they did the trick (and I was not diabetic at that time) I found them messy and gooey. I then discovered these little beauties and have not turned back. I can now work out hard with these on hand. They seem to act quick and keep the sugars up. Also a good alternative for when your sugars are lower than you would like before a workout but you really don't want to wolf down real food.

    Oh, also after eating a bazillion of those apple/cinnamon gels, I cannot eat smell apple pie. Blech :)


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