Monday, January 7, 2013

Nonsense . . . .

Sometimes I think the most frustrating thing about diabetes is the complete and utter nonsense it throws.  That’s also probably the thing that the general public just doesn’t understand.  Need an example?  No problem.

 Last week we rang in the New Year at a casino.  First we had dinner at a nearby restaurant.  I ordered a Key Lime Martini.  I ordered the stuffed fillet of sole with a baked potato.  I knew it was a lot of carbs so I skipped the bread and starchy options at the salad bar, but I was still prepared to run a bit higher all night.  I decided I’d be okay with it (as long as my blood sugars stayed somewhat within reason) and I’d just have a good time celebrating with Pete and our friends.

Upon arriving at the casino, my low alarm rang.  I tested and treated and thought I was done.  NOPE!  This ring - test - treat cycle continued all.  night.  long.  I seriously hovered in the 50s and 60s no matter what I consumed.  I practically ran through the entire (huge) supply of low stuff I lug around with me.  And then, at 11:45 I tested again and a 38 flashed up from me meter.  That was when I really started to get scared - and I think my friends did too.  Pete got me a bottle of orange juice and I drank most of it and finally got my blood sugar up to 101.  But an hour later, when we got to our hotel, I was down a bit to 83.  Seriously, I was sure I’d be about 283 by that time, but  no.  Complete nonsense, right?

And then there was last night.  We had dinner at my parent’s house, just like every Sunday.  Mom make spaghetti, just like every Sunday.  I tested, dosed, and ate, just like every Sunday.  I’ve never really had a blood sugar problem with pasta, and by now I have my Sunday night dinner bolus down cold.  But last night?  Before the after-dinner coffee was even brewed I was greeted with double up arrows on my CGM.  I had showered before we left for my parent’s house, so I though maybe I hadn’t connected my pump properly.  A quick run to the bathroom gave me no answers - the pump was connected and working fine.  It was just complete nonsense.

A low when I should be high.  A high when I should be fine.  Diabetes = Nonsense!!  Has it thrown you any nonsense lately?


  1. That is the absolute worst part of diabetes and those lows that will not come up even though you've consumed 400 carbs are the worst!!!

  2. I'm having one of those random days today, going low again and again, no matter what, even though I'm eating stuff that should be entirely predictable. I try to think of it as a fun roller coaster ride, but that doesn't ever really work... :)

  3. Thank you for this. My daughter has been running a persistent random high, no ketones, all weekend, then suddenly a 55 that takes a few snacks to fix. Craziness!

  4. I love it - the word "nonsense" to describe diabetes. Because that just about sums it up some days!! :)

  5. I hate - hate - hate it when we think we have it figured out, it should work, and surprise, it doesn't work.

  6. I have sometimes thought that I had the beginning stages of gastroparesis (GA). I have been diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy (AN), and GA is in the list of symptoms/side effects of AN. With GA the digestion is much slower, so my BG rises much more slowly. I can have low BG after a big meal, and high BG later during the day when I should not have been high. That could be explained by the food having finally digested, and so there is a late BG rise. This does not happen every day with me, so I still don't know if I really have GA and doctor wasn't so sure either.

    Karen it seems we are brittle, at times, even though that is a bit of terminology that some people do not like to hear. have a friend in MD who has GP so bad that she eats only one meal per day. It takes a very long time to digest.

  7. Ugh. I feel the nonsense is probably one of the worst parts of D. Seriously. I especially hate when you feel high, you test and Nope. You're 83. Or vice-versa. What gives??!! (((Hugs))) I'm sorry your New Year's Eve celebration had to go like that...

  8. Your new years problem makes total sense. Its the alcohol. Google alcohol and blood sugar. Years ago, I used to party . . . a lot, and the same thing would happen to me. Beer doesn't have that effect on me though. Just hard stuff. I only have a few drinks a year now though.

    1. Well, if I work out during the afternoon and then have alcohol with dinner I have seen those sweeping lows - I'm careful not to drink if I've exercised. That wasn't the case this time. A sweet juice-based cocktail with dinner doesn't leave me with those long-term lows.

  9. Yeah, a workout, and then alcohol would be a double whammy. In most cases, the alcohol stops the liver from being able to perform gluconeogenesis, which is what releases stored glucose or converts amino acids to glucose. When I used go on a planned drinking night, I'd have to carb up before hand. Hopefully it won't happen the next time you have a drink. :)

  10. Yes! And what a great picture - I can see that damn thing blowing a big wet raspberry at us. We think we know how diabetes is going to respond? Pffffffffft.


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