Monday, September 17, 2012

Sloppy or Burnt . . . .

I feel like I’m slowly becoming more and more lazy about diabetes lately.  I’m swagging my carbs and insulin more than usual.  I’m testing a lot less.  I’m bolusing and treating off my CGM numbers more and more, even though I know that’s a very bad idea.  Exercise?  What is exercise?  Overall, I just feel like my diabetes management has been getting sloppy.

BurntIf you asked me if it’s Diabetes Burnout, I’d probably say it’s not and that it’s just me being a slacker.  But when I stop to think about it . . . . isn’t that pretty much what Diabetes Burnout is?  Being sloppy because I just don’t feel that motivated?  Knowing I should try harder, but just not today?  Feeling that while I could be doing better, I’m not doing all that bad so it’s no big deal?

Ummm, hello, time for a wake-up call!!  I have to say, this sounds like Diabetes Burnout (or at least the beginnings of it) to me.  Does it sound like Diabetes Burnout to you?


  1. I don't know if it's sloppyness, laziness, burnout or my regular ol' depression, but I am right there with ya, sis.

  2. Is it D-burnout? Maybe. Is is something to beat yourself up over? Definitely not.

    Today and tomorrow are way more important than yesterday.

  3. To be honest, I don't like assigning labels to our feelings or behaviors, and Diabetes Burnout (capital D, capital B) does just that. Over the course of our lives, we get enough labels attached to us ("diabetic" is the tamest of them all) and, personally, I'd just rather not have the stigma of another label. It almost seems like a scapegoat ("it's not me, it's the DB") that kind of takes the responsibility off of the individual.

    Now, I'm not trying to imply that you're lazy or anything, nor do I mean to trivialize any of the more serious behavioral and/or emotional situations that have clinical diagnoses and causes/symptoms that are far beyond my understanding.

    But sometimes we just don't feel like it. After a hard week at work, sometimes I just want to spend my Sundays on the couch watching TV and forgetting everything else. That's just life. A person can't run consecutive marathons without pausing to catch their breath every once in awhile, and that's exactly what people like you and me are trying to do 24/7. It's tiring. But then some spark comes along and provides that inspiration, then we get right back to it - until we get tired again. It's just part of a regular cycle.

    Hopefully, Thursday's meet-up can be that inspiration.

  4. Sigh... The feelings are all too familiar! Sometimes my body feels like I'm wading through mud - every step, every finger-stick, every carb-to-be-counted is a trial and a chore! On those days, I find I need to give myself a little bit of space and COMPASSION. (Now, I'm a Virgo, and compassion for self is a lot harder than compassion for others. But I need to find it anyway).
    So, my friend, please find a way to give yourself one of those 'proverbial hugs', and know you aren't alone. You/we are all strong and will get through these feelings, or this disease moment by moment, especially with the help and support of friends.
    love, h

  5. I think burnout is more intense and long term than what you are experiencing. I have a temporary lull like that every few weeks. I am currently eating bigger portions of certain foods that I know will require more insulin. I have gained 4 pounds this week. That is not like me to do that, but I did, even though it would cause me problems. It may take me two weeks to lose the 4 pounds, but I will do it and get back on track! I am not burned out, I just took a few days to enjoy larger amounts of some of my favorite foods.

    I think your situation is something similar. you will probably be much more careful in the very near future, and then you will be fine.

  6. Sometimes we just go through those's just a part of a chronic illness. (And I'm not the one having to poke my finger, just the one who has to figure it all out once that number pops up!)
    The fact that you are realizing the slump is, in and of itself, a good thing. Tomorrow's a new day, start there! ;)

  7. Me too...well...burned out a bit for Joe. Makes me a cranky pancreas.

  8. I am joining the crowd. I like Denise's slump better than burnout, although right now I feel like a slug!


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