Friday, June 29, 2012

Endo Stress . . . .

I love my endo.  Last year I was so upset when he moved his practice 45 minutes away but I decided it was worth the drive to keep seeing him.  (I know in many areas 45 minutes is nothing, but in a small state like Connecticut we think it is a big deal.)  Sticking with him was absolutely the right decision and I’ve never once regretted it.  So my answer to this month’s DSMA Blog Carnival is probably going to surprise you.  The question of the month is . . . . .

doctorDo you get nervous or stressed when you have to go to your endo/doc appointment? Why or why not? Be honest.

I'll say it again, I love my endo.  He’s supportive.  He treats me with respect and listens to what I have to say.  He never makes me feel rushed and always takes the time to answer each and every question I have.  He gives me recommendations but allows me final say in my health decisions.

So endo appointments should be a snap for me, right?  OH MY GOSH, WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!  I get COMPLETELY stressed out.  Seriously, I am a nervous wreck for at least a week before.  I am a complete and utter crab (which is the G-rated version of what I’d really like to say I am) and I’m very lucky I have such a patient husband because I don’t know how he puts up with me.

Most of my stress comes from those stupid numbers on the paper . . . . my A1C and my meter reading.  I feel like they need to be perfect.  When I told my endo this, he said “Well, you do know that’s impossible, right.”  Which is true . . . . diabetes makes it impossible for our numbers to be perfect all the time.  Also, I think back to all those years when I couldn’t get my A1C down - I’d be so stressed before my appointments and I was sure if I could just get the number where it needs to be the stress would disappear.  I was wrong.  My A1C has been on goal for quite a while, but now before each appointment I stress that it has jumped back up.  I also stress over the results of my other labs and over getting the news that complications have set it.

Honestly, I know it’s just in my personality to stress.  In general, I stress the big things and the little things and everything in between.  So I guess it makes sense that endo appointments are no different.

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  1. I LOVE my Endo 2, but I feel the stress the two-weeks leading up to my appointment and the day of. Finding the blood work RX, getting the blood work done in time, wondering what the blood work is going to tell me.
    I think regardless of the personality type, we all feel the Endo stress - it comes with the diabetes territory!

  2. I have no problem with my endo. She is very young, probably early 30s. She has not been a doctor very long. She has given birth to two babies since she became my doctor four years ago. When we have an office visit, she takes notes. She is learning what being a very long term type 1 is all about. She sees my labs and my records of my control and completely trusts me. She has never turned me down on any request (pump, CGM, change in meds, ......). I think I am in love! WOOPS! Just kidding. No, how can she make me nervous? No way!

  3. I <3 your Endo too! I'm so glad that you have someone like that to help you along the way. I don't stress so much, but DANG I worry! :)

  4. I too LOVE all of my doctors. They are straight shooters, respectful and compassionate.
    But I also don't do well during the waiting period - waiting for the appointment date, waiting for your name to be called, and, worst of all, sitting in the exam room with the door closed.
    I am just a blood test away from knowing that the cancer's back. And a blood test away from having to go back on dialysis. My blood pressure is always 50 points higher at the beginning of the appt that at the end. That's why I monitor it daily at home.
    I think the only doc that I don't get anxious about is my podiatrist, because I know that most foot problems can be easily nipped in the bud and that's why I go.


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