Monday, June 4, 2012

Busy Week . . . .

BusyBeeI am a busy bee this week.  I’m trialing both Glooko and mySentry (more on both soon!).  I’m rounding up the May #dsma blog carnival and coordinating the June topic.  I’m still (slowly) working on reading and commenting on the wonderful Diabetes Blog Week posts.  I have a wake to attend tomorrow night for a dear friend’s father.  I’m trying to get exercise back to the top of my priority list, so fitting in some workouts is a must.  And I’ll be spending the second half of my week in D.C. for the JDRF Annual Conference - which includes more time on the Hill advocating to my Congress people for support of diabetes issues.  Oh, and I have a pile of emails that are long overdue to be answered . . . .

Actually, it’s going to be a really great week (aside from the wake) and I’m so excited about everything.  But busy = stress and stress = erratic blood sugars.  Travel in general, and flying specifically, also tends to really throw my blood sugar into a state of havoc.  I’m always scared to toss exercise into the mix when I’m traveling.  And busy schedules and travelling can also  mess with healthy meal planning.

So basically, although I’m thrilled with everything that I have going on this week, I recognize it will be a bit challenging Diabetes-Wise.  I sure could use some tips and tricks!!  How do you stay on track during travel and busy times - especially when they both hit at once?


  1. Karen I'm still working my way around the participant list and there are some excellent bloggers out there.
    My "favorites" list is getting longer and longer.

  2. Karen, you do so much for our community -- thank you, my busy bee friend!

  3. I'm with Kathy - my Google Reader has a huge list now. It really was fun to find some of the new (to me) bloggers.
    Stay calm, don't stress!


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