Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Can’t Live Without . . .

1310 Things I Couldn’t Live Without. Write a list of the 10 things you need (or love) most.

FIVE My first five on the list are ”honest-to-goodness, I would really die without these” things . . .
  1. Blood glucose meter
  2. Test strips
  3. Insulin
  4. Insulin pump (or syringes)
  5. Glucagon (or fast acting carbs in non-emergency situations)

TENAnd my second five are “OMG, I like so totally can’t live without these” things (or the things that make life worth living) . . .
  1. Pete
  2. K.C.
  3. Coffee
  4. Good milk chocolate
  5. The D-OC
What can’t you live without?


  1. Happy Friday the 13th! Guess your laptop took it literally. I totally forgot about coffee - not sure how I could have forgotten that one.

  2. Oh boo to Friday the 13th & your poor computer:(

    And YAY! For your list! :) I look forward to seeing the cute pictures...;)

  3. OMG i forgot coffee too!! poor laptop, hope it feels better soon...and that's another thing i could have put on my list ~ my laptop!!

  4. Great post in spite of Friday the 13th! Thanks for sharing your list. I kind of overthought this writing prompt...I guess there are many things we need and love and want and it's hard to hone in on just 10 (ie I forgot coffee too).


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