Thursday, February 3, 2011

DSMA Blog Carnival? Yay!!

A carnival is defined as a traveling amusement show.  And no one knows how to be more amusing than we d-bloggers, right?  If you doubt me, just check out #dprom and Blünt Lancet, or ask about unicorns and glitter.  We are an odd a fun bunch!  That’s why when our DSMA Queen, Cherise, asked my thoughts on adding a blog carnival to #dsma I jumped on board fast!

With the DSMA Blog Carnival, you can travel around the D-OC and be amused by posts on a particular topic.  Each month, one of the questions from a recent #dsma chat will be presented on the DSMA blog  as that month’s blog carnival topic.  Your mission is to share your thoughts on your d-blog, without the 140 character limit of Twitter.  Once the month is over, we’ll have a little blog carnival round-up and highlight some posts that aren’t to be missed.  And then, the new month’s topic will be announced!

Sounds like fun, right?  So what are you waiting for?  Get on over to  the DSMA blog carnival post for all the details and join us!


  1. So excited you're organizing this with your fantastic work on Diabetes Blog Week. (Has it really been almost a year??)

  2. Karen-

    I am excited about the DSMA blog carnival! I am honored and thankful you decided to jump on board and run with it! I saw how beneficial blog carnivals are to other chronic illness and I thought why not. We need something like this in DOC.

    Thanks again, Karen!

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! Bravo to the brains behind it!

  4. Sounds awesome -
    I was following the DSMA chat last night - I'm still not brave enough to participate. I need to work on my Twitter skills. :)
    I think this is a really great idea and carnivals are always fun!! How many carbs in a funnel cake??? :)

  5. Great idea! Especially for those of us/me who aren't tweeters or really just haven't gotten the hang of it, yet.

  6. YIPPEEE!!!!

    Tell the Powers That Be that they must offer GF goodies :)

    I love this!!!!! Can't wait!


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